How to Buy Microsoft Office for Cheap

Microsoft Office provides important productivity functions that many of us need to use on a daily basis, but at times the cost just seems so prohibitive! Thankfully though, you can buy Microsoft Office for cheap if you know where to look.

Here are some tips and ideas for getting a totally-legal discount off of the world’s most popular productivity suite: Continue reading

Which Kindle Has a Color Display?

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Kindle Comparison Chart

Looking for a Kindle but not sure which Kindle to buy? This side-by-side Kindle model comparison chart should help you sort out the various features and specifications of Amazon’s popular e-readers. Continue reading

How to Buy Windows 7 for Cheap

Have your eye on a Windows 7 upgrade but put off by the price tag?

Good news: an upgrade can be cheaper than you think if you know where to look. Here are 3 ways to get a legal discount on your purchase of this well-reviewed edition of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Continue reading

How to Make Your Own Website with Your Own URL

If you’ve looked into making your own website, you’ve surely run across companies that offer to help you make your own website for free. But inevitably, no free service is going to give you your very own URL because this costs money.

But getting your own URL isn’t as expensive as it might sound. In fact, you can set up a website with your own domain name for only $5.21 per month.

There are hundreds of ways to make your own website. The way that I’m going to show you is what I believe to be the cheapest, fastest, easiest, and overall best way to do it. Continue reading

How to Buy Adobe Photoshop for Cheap

If you need Adobe’s industry-standard graphics editing program but are turned off by the steep price tag, fear not: there are ways to legally purchase Adobe Photoshop for cheap if you know where to look. Continue reading

How to Make Music Notes on Facebook

Ever wanted to insert music notes into a status message or comment on Facebook? Want to add a bit of musical flair to some song lyrics or a “happy birthday” message? Here’s how to do it. Continue reading

Where’s “Scheduled Tasks” in Windows 7?

If you’re coming from a Windows XP background, you’re probably accustomed to using XP’s “Scheduled Tasks” folder to run programs at specified times or events. At first glance, it may appear Windows Vista and Windows 7 lack this functionality, since there is no “Scheduled Tasks” to be found. However, it’s still there, but under a different name: Task Scheduler. Continue reading

Laptops for College Students

When buying a laptop for college, there are many factors you should consider to ensure you’re purchasing the right computer for your needs and budget. Rather than hand you a list of “recommended computers” that quickly gets outdated, this extensive buying guide equips you step-by-step with the inside scoop you need to interpret the tech jargon and make your own informed buying decisions. Last updated August 2013. Continue reading

How to Save a Word Doc as a PDF

Saving a Microsoft Word document as a PDF can be a great way to ensure that your document looks exactly the same no matter who’s viewing it and to ensure that your document can be viewed by as many computer users as possible (thanks to the ubiquity of Adobe Reader).

To export your Word document to PDF format, just follow the instructions for your version of Word: Continue reading