A Blinking Orange Power Light

Yesterday morning I plugged in my computer. I reached for the power button on my Dell Dimension 8400, but then noticed that the tower’s power light was flashing orange. In my Dell manual, I found the section about power light signals and read:

If the power light is blinking amber – The computer is receiving electrical power, but an internal power problem might exist.

Ensure that the voltage selection switch is set to match the AC power at your location (if applicable).

Ensure that the processor power cable is securely connected to the system board (see page 73).

Well, I was sure that the voltage selection switch was in the right place. And I found it highly unlikely that the processor power cable would suddenly unseat itself. Ugh.

Then I had an idea. I flipped off the surge protector and then flipped it back on.

Tada! No more orange lights. Weird.

The moral of the story: try the simple stuff first.

Many visitors have provided additional solution ideas in the comments section below.

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  1. Margo

    You make a good point with the simple-fix method for your Dell Dimension. I’m glad to here your system is up and running.

    Please let me know if I can do anything for you. You can reach me at the e-mail address below.

    Thank you,

    • james mcnutt


      I have an Optiplex GX 620 that our son just got for us. We have sound, but it isn’t real loud and it must be conected in the front plug. The speakers are now powered – is this the reason we can’t turn them up very far? Is there a plug in in the back of the computer – we tried the ports in the back but nothing except the speaker in the tower.


      Jim McNutt

    • Priya


      Mine is also Dell. The power button is not turning on, when I press start button.

      I am not getting what happend to my laptop. I bought it 5months back only.

      Even after keeping charging for 30 mins. Please suggest me something.


      • muba

        mine is dell gx 520 it experienced the same problem i decide to change power supply but i did not get exactly like the one come with pc.

        The new one has high power (250w) compared with the first one (230w)also the wire arrangement was different but i connected as it is required and the pc was working for 3 month then it has repeat again the same problem this time even the color is not as it supposed to be.

        when i powered it sometime it is works but sometimes doesn’t work and if it display the color is more yellowish i decide to change vga cable but still the problem is there i decide to use another pc to my monitor there is no problem.
        help me please

  2. Nicola


    cheers for that. Worked a treat, quick and simple 🙂

    Thanks, Nicola

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  4. andrew

    I’m suffering a blinky orange power button problem, and I’ve been engaged (not waiting, but live) in chat with dell for 30 minutes. So far all we’ve gotten to is “press check if the power button is not broken. Also that its rightly pressed.” and of course lots of thanking me for my patience.

    I work on PCs for a living, and much like your Dell tech, I don’t buy a Dell anymore without at least a 3-year warranty.

    I also won’t buy any more Dimensions because they don’t offer Gold Support which gets an English speaker in the US.

    You have to buy a “business model” like the Optiplex for that. Which is practically the same machine in parts and performance, but one gets support in English if you pick the right option, and the other gets “May I know the status of the power button?”


    • humberto

      Hello, your problem comes from a little squared capacitors near from the Processor, there are in short circuit, remove them and it will be OK.

  5. Thank you got posting this. We just had a power-outage and the GF’s Dell would not boot after power came back.

    You saved the day.

  6. manuel pastene

    I have the same problem with the orange light, the computers works good for a few minutes and after like 20 min it turns off with the orange light….
    It’s driving me crazy… any idea what I can do?? maybe buy another power supply/??

  7. simon rayfield

    i have this problem now also. Had powercut last night and the have removed he surge protection but still blinking orange light. No good still wont fire up.

    HELP !!!

    • sebastian

      Here’s a trick anyone can try. I have done this several times with regular ATX power supplies with good success unless the PS is just shot. Give this a try. Unplug the cable from the PS on the back of the computer. Press & hold in the power button for 10 – 15 seconds. Plug cable back in & see if it powers up. What this does is discharge the capacitors in the PS. Good luck.

      • Liz

        Worked like a charm! Thanks.

      • You have saved my life. Who would believe such a tiny thing could work? I am forever in your debt and though past child bearing years would give you my first.

      • Louis

        Awesome tip. Solved the problem. I had been using a space heater on the same circuit without a surge protector. Turning on the space heater must have been causing a small power surge. I’ll try using a surge protector for the computer, hopefully that will prevent the problem from recurring. If not I’ll need to make due without the heater. Thanks again.

    • Clay

      I have the identical problem. Just bought a “refurbished Dell Optiplex GX620 SFF” and some times it goes 10-20 minutes and the monitor blinks off and the power button changes to Amber. Sometimes it might go for an hour or two. One thing I did tho was to bring the computer up in “Safe Mode” and let it run all night and it was still running the next day. Leads me to think it might be a device or driver, but all the drivers seemed to check out. If you find a solution to your problem, I’d appreciate hearing what the solution is.

  8. d

    My computer is blinking that orange light, i checked the power surge, turned it off and on, still nothing. Fustrated,,,,,

  9. I’ve had this problem here with a dell computer. turns out that the computer doesn’t like some self powered USB devices that are hooked to it.

    Just unplug the usb devices, start the computer and when the led turns green, plug them back in.

    Very strange and… might be annoying for some.

    • rich d

      I had the SAME blinking light problem ….unplugged my Epson NX300 printer / Fax … and the problem went away. I can then plug it in AFTER start up with no problems. Had this SAME problem with my HP Media computer.

      Thanks for the reminder !!

    • jk

      You are a genius! Many thanks for saving countless hours with this one.

  10. Tolu

    That worked like a charm!! Thanks for sharing this


  12. doris

    My orange blinking light is driving my nuts. I do not know what started it. I do need a new battery, and have for some time, but since I am not transporting it around, I can use the wall outlet (whatever it is called). I really like my Dell, but am annoyed that they do not have a manual with “trouble shooting”. I am very glad to have found this website.
    What and were is the “surge protector”?? Also, the “USB device”??
    Thanks for your help!! “D”

  13. USB Device: Mine was an external hard drive plugged into a USB plug on the back of the computer. The external drive was powered by an external power supply which sends voltage into the USB cord, even when off (bad design?). That screwed the computer’s internal power and made its orange led blink 🙂

  14. Zach

    i had a similar problem, turned out to be the hard drive, put into another computer to slave and get some data off it, did the same thing to the other computer, same orange flashing light, went to the original and booted with out the hdd, sure enough turned right on..

  15. Bernard J. Kennedy IV

    I had one of these issues when I re-set up my computer tonight after returning home from college for winter break. I turned it on and instead of green light I got a solid orange light and the PC’s Fan started to go and continue to keep going like a jet engine

    This happened a few times, I moved the tower around and it seemed to temporarily cure the issue

    I thought it was the room temperature or something possibly. My dorm room is very hot like 70 or 80 degree’s w the window open, while my basement is cold and less than 35 degrees I suspect

    What could be the issue of this and I hope I can get things taken care of before I go back to college, I have allot on my PC, (thankfully all backed up on a external HD) but I enjoy this computer and I hope it’s not a serious issue

    Any Help is Appreciated!

  16. Nick

    Thanks all who posted with regards to powered usb.

    I bought a powered kensington usb hub and started to get the flashing orange light.

    After unplugging the hub, all is well. (except my hub is now an expensive paperweight!)

  17. Joseph

    I also have been having this problem with my dell

    I have four USB ports in the back and have not figured out which one is doing it but unplugging the USB ports fixed the problem with the on switch blinking orange and keeping my computer from booting.

    Thanks for everyone’s help!

  18. Jan

    I have a Dell Dimension 8200 (for it about 4yrs) and I can’t get it to turn on. The power button is flashing a faint yellow/orange. I can turn it off but when I turn it back on I get nothing but this flashing light, no noise, no picture, nothing. I have tried all the suggestions in the previous posts and nothing has worked. Could this be the power supply gone bad or is it just dead? I am not very computer savvy but would like to avoid a costly repair bill if I can figure this out on my own. This is the first time I have ever had a computer “break” so not real sure where to start. Really hoping I don’t have to go out and buy an new computer tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks!!

  19. Ian

    I had the same problem with the orange flashing light. Then I came across the recommendation to check the USB ports for damage. I knew this computer (Dimension 5150) had a broken port. I saw some of the pins bent inside the port. Once I fixed them, the computer powered back on as normal! Small fix for big problem. So don’t just go and run for a new MOBO or Power Supply!!!

  20. Brandon

    Brilliant idea to check usb pins. Sure enough I had a bent pin, once I straightened it out the computer turned right back on, no more flashing orange led.

    • Rob

      Glad I found this site. I too had the blinking yellow light. After reading several other sites was getting very bummed out thinking I would just give up on this comp rather than dump more money into it. After reading here about damaged USB ports being a possible problem I looked at mine and sure enough there was one port with bent pins… After I straightened them WOOHOOO I don’t need to upgrade yet, Works just fine now. THANKS




    SOME 1 HELP ME PLEASE EMAIL IS jjizzlejohnson@yahoo.com

  23. josh

    jermaine the surge protector/suppressor is the power strip you plug into the wall that you plug the computers power cord into, it is not part of the computer itself. if your plug goes from the wall to the computer you do not have a surge protector and i would recommend getting one.

  24. @Ian: Great suggestion — thanks for sharing!

    @Jermaine: If you don’t have a power strip (a.k.a. surge protector), then simply unplugging your computer from the wall outlet should have the same effect.

    @Josh: I agree, anyone without a surge protector should get one, unless you happen to live somewhere on the planet that doesn’t have any lightning! 🙂

    • nii

      i have tried all the suggestions above abt the power surge thing as well as usb pins and plugins but still my pc will not boot but shows only the ornage light. my pc is connected to a UPS with another one but the other one is working fine so pls someone help me before the Computer guys come to take all my money away plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  25. fransulo

    Like many others my Dell Dimension 5150 won’t boot. Amber light on front keeps flashing. As suggested above checked all USB ports. On one port the pins where bent. Fixed pins and my P.C. boots fine.
    Was about to go down the expensive road ( New Power Supply, Mother Board )
    Always the simple things.
    Cheers again everyone


  26. matt

    thank you soooo much. My warranty ran out months ago, I called Dell for help and they tried to charge me $50 (which I refused) just for information on fixing my problem! I spent $1200 on this hunk of metal and a year later they won’t even tell me that all I needed to do is reset my surge protector. John, I owe you $50. Thank you.

  27. @Matt: No problem. Glad I could help. 🙂

    • rock

      hi man i need your hellp what is protector and tell me where is it or explain me and this problem apear when i unplug out my graphic card
      please anyhelp

  28. Sheila

    All of you are so helpful. Sacramento just had a horrible hurricane-like storm that unfortunately ended with my computer (dell desktop) having a blinking orange light on the hard drive. I haven’t tried checking the USB ports but I’ll definitely do that as soon as I get home. If that doesn’t do the trick, do you have any other trouble-shooting tips that may work?

  29. Beth

    I have an orange blinking power light on my dell dimension 5150. I replaced the CMOS battery and it worked for about 30 minutes until I had to move it. I removed the CMOS Battery and put it back in. The power light flashed quickly and then the computer booted. It worked for a day until the power went out. I figure if I remove the battery it will start working again. Any suggestions? I checked all of the other stuff above.

  30. Ash

    I have just developed this problem after upgrading my power supply and graphic card, any ideas what it could be as I have ran out of troubleshooting ideas.

  31. Just a related tip for others that might find this page…I had the same power light issue on a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop: power light would blink orange or amber, and the hard drive light was lit green. Power supply fan came on, but the computer never booted.

    Per some of the commenters here, I was checking my USB ports on the front and back to see if any pins were bent. All the pins were fine, but I noted a lot of dust on the front panel USB ports. A shot of canned air, and the computer now boots without any issues.

    Thanks to all who took the time to post what worked, you just saved me $$$ and a lot of frustration!

    Matt Jeppsen

  32. ted

    I’ve got an interesting variation on this problem. When i press the power button on my wife’s 18-month-old Dell 5150, the amber light blinks for a while (30 seconds or so), then it tries to power up (green lights go on, fans start) and it dies. Once it dies, I press the button again and it starts right up. Everytime

    Nothing new on the computer (i added a firewire card a year ago). I blew it out (it was very clean), checked connections (all seated), looked at USB ports (no problem i can see), disconnected the surge protection (no change).

    Anyone have any ideas? Very frustrating — and I’ve bought a lot of Dells and never had a problem before

  33. Dave

    I just had similar on 650 Workstation, bought second-hand to act as a like for like standby for an installed system. The power button would flash for 30 seconds and lights a and c were on and orange. The Troubleshooting Guide indicated either the wrong memory fitted (swapped with known good, no change) or a mismatch between the CPU and the voltage regulator module (not apparently fitted).

    Poking about I noticed the CPU heatsink was’nt well held by its plastic shroud and when I approached, it and the CPU came off in my hand.

    A quick squirt of heat transfer compound and a careful re-assembly and the beauty burst back into life.

    Now I must wait to see if my heat transfer compound spreading skills are good enough to stop melt down.

  34. Mike C

    I have a Dimension 8200 and just came back home after 3 days away to a blinking orange light. Like someone else already posted here, I have to wonder if it isn’t a result of temperature changes. Typically I leave my PC on all of the time, but I unplugged it before I left town thinking that would protect it help incase there was a lightning storm or power outage. But it got cold here over the weekend. So I toggled the surge protector on and off, and I checked the USB ports for dust / bent pins but they are fine. Now the thing won’t even show the orange blinking light, I get nothing when I press the power button. There’s still a green light on the motherboard, though. I’m out of ideas. Time for a new case, I guess.

  35. fud18

    I had the same problem on a Dell Optiplex GX150. I finally used canned air to blow out the USB ports, then I used the canned air to get the fan started and then I noticed that the CD ROM was stuck so once I unstuck it it powered right up…Thanks for all the suggestions to everyone that posted.

  36. Costa Rica Kid

    I am an expert on the Dell Blinking Orange Light problem. Seriously this has happened to me three different times in the last 2 months and each time I had to do something different to get it to work.

    The first time it was my wireless USB Microsoft mouse. I love the mouse itself, but it somehow effects the power on the Dell Dimensions. I disconnected the mouse, plugged the CPU back in and it started like a charm.

    The second time the “disconnect the USB devices” trick failed me. So I read about the rebooting of the surge protector (or trying a different wall outlet) and that new trick brought me success…I beat the darn blinking light for the second time!

    And tonight I thought it finally had me. The USB trick failed, the reboot surge protector failed, then I tried the compressed air trick…nothing, then I tried screwing with the pins on the USB ports….nothing. I had waged my best battle and lost…and then as I was putting the case cover back on, a relection off that stupid 3V round battery on the motherboard caught my eye, I thought no way, but just for the heck of it I changed the 3V battery and success.


    Costa Rica Kid 3 Blinking Orange Light 0

    • anton

      Thanks. Hard to believe, but we independently went the same steps. The only difference is I didn’t replace the battery – just removed it. Everything works well. Not sure if I need a new battery. Thanx.

  37. Curt

    Thanks for all the tips. This seems to be the best location on the net for information on this problem. I just wanted to say that one of my users had this problem arrise on Friday and after trying all of the things suggested I had to replace the power supply to solve the issue.


  38. David

    Thanks for this informative thread! I had an old Dell OptiPlex GX150 that hadd the same flashing orange power button and a once-over all the ports and vents with compressed air solved it (at least for now).

  39. Eladio

    I´ve tried all the tricks mentioned here and nothing happended.. But when I checked the usb ports, one of them has damaged, 2 pins touching each other, I fixed them but the ambar flashing light is still there. I have unppluged and plugged eveything, maybe the last thing I need to try is change the 3v batery. Any other suggestion?? thanks..

  40. Hi everyone……I have the blinking light too………and all this has been very helpful. But how do I tell if USBport pins are bent and how do I fix them? Please help!!!

  41. Chirs

    Want to thank everyone who posted useful info here. After searching this page and many others trying to fix the “amber light of death” on my Dell I’ve come to this conclusion.

    It’s a hardware problem with the possibility of infinite causes. If you get the “amber light of death” you should start with the simplest solutions then work towards the harder solutions.

    plug you PC directly into a different outlet than it’s current outlet.
    flip the orange switch located on the back of the PC near where the power plug attaches.
    examine all your USB ports (front & back) for pins that are bent or pushed in and fix any that are bent.
    open up your PC and remove and reconnect any plugs & devices you feel comfortable removing. (ie. ram, video/network cards, power cords to cd drives & hard drives)
    Swap the power supply in from another PC. (Dell claims the power supply is the #1 solution to this problem.)
    Replace the 3v battery on the motherboard.

    If the problem isn’t fixed after trying these, chances are some bit of hardware on the motherboard are loose or touching something it shouldn’t; and this could be a bitch to figure out where the problem is. (ie. heatsink, PCU, BIOS, CPU/Processor) Not sure if it would be worth having a tech look at your PC at this point since it is not guaranteed that the tech would find a solution.
    And lastly it could be your Motherboard that needs to be replaced.

    In the end, my “amber light of death” was caused by a dead power supply. Again, Dell says this the the most common solution to the problem. Please copy the list above and add to it or rearrange it since I am no expert and just trying to give my opinion on how to fix this problem.

  42. Vish

    hi everyone,

    I am working as a Tech Support at my university at Michigan, and I have the same problem. The orange light blinks. I have tried all the options mentioned above..but none of them worked. It is a Dell desktop. Any other suggestions…Please help!!!

    Thanks & Regards,

  43. Hey all,

    This is a great post – I really appreciate you that took the time to share your solutions.

    I ran into this at work today on an Opti GX620, perhaps a year and a half old. Blinking amber light, no turn of the fans at all. I have tried all of the above solutions: USB ports, re-seat battery, canned air, misc changes in the power source (surge protection), etc.

    I haven’t found a solution. I noted that when I plug in the power cable in the back, the orange blinking light comes on IMMEDIATELY. No chance for the machine to detect anything. I say this only because that may be an indication that it’s the power supply. With the other issues (above), does the error light come on the second you plug in the computer?

    I will receive a new power supply from Dell within the next couple days. That should solve the issue, but if it doesn’t I will try to drop by and let everyone know. Good luck out there…

  44. Hello again!

    I posted the Powered USB trick previously.

    Now I have another blinking orange light problem and this time, it happens to be the internal Power Supply.

    I had everything unplugged from the motherboard, even memory sticks, and still had the problem.

    I switched the Dell Power supply to on of our Safe Power and voilà, back to life. That’s a chance that the plug that goes to the mother board is 24 pins standard…

  45. Nate

    I’ve just encountered the blinking orange light of death (came on the instant I plugged in the computer). So far I’ve tried all of the suggestions here with the exception of replacing the 3V CMOS battery and getting a new power supply. (Though I’ll probably get a replacement 3V soon since that’s fairly easy.)

    Grant, if you check back here, could you post if the new power supply fixes the problem?

  46. Morgan

    help! The last couple of day the orange light has been blinking but it usually starts up after a while. but i have been working with it all day and nothing.. I just have NO idea where the usb drives are

  47. Morgan

    Simply check if you have USB devices attached that are powered with an external power source (wall adaptor) and be sure to check if the pins in the USB plugs are okay (not bent)

  48. Jimbo

    I have just had the same problem. Replaced the CMOS battery and everything started working again.



  49. Hanna

    I had the same problem, replaced the power supply and now the diagnostic lights are on (YYYG) and I have no idea what to do!!! Does anyone know what it means if the battery light on the front panel is yellow as well??

  50. Hanna, check Chirs’ post up there.

  51. Michael

    After encountering the dreaded Dell flashing yellow light i was greatly relieved to find this little oasis of useful information.
    This Dell GX270 would boot and run for hours on some occasions and on others would only show the flashing yellow light. The situation was worst when the machine had not been properly shutdown.
    After trying all of above, i plugged in another power supply and problem was immediately solved. Used just a standard ATX power supply to test, but this would not fit in the case without some cutting of the case. Ended up using a power supply from HP Pavilion.
    Good luck to anyone encountering the dreaded amber lights!

  52. “Used just a standard ATX power supply to test, but this would not fit in the case without some cutting of the case. ”

    I’ve been able to use a standard ATX as replacement here…

  53. Fred

    Hi Guys,

    I have THE solution.

    I have an Inspirion 8100 with the YYYYG flashy disease. I also have earned a living from working with computer systems for the past 30 years. This old Dell has been running for years without a problem. BUT recently I was provided with a new Toshiba by work and after removing Vista, I have been using that for the last 4 months. I bought a larger disk for the 8100 so that my daughter could use it and before I could even put it in I thought I should check for any remaining stuff on the HD. I turned it on, after 4 months, and 10 mins later it turned off. I turned it on and 5 mins later it turned off. Now it won’t turn on. I have stripped the whole thing down. I have checked connections and voltages on everything. All looks good. It just continues with the YYYYG flashy message.

    So I stopped and had a beer. As is often the case after a beer (or two) life suddenly makes sense. Y = I am p***** off and G = jealous. Now it is obvious, Dell computers get jealous and will sit and yell it at you if you understand the YYYYG message. I have obviously been….. unfaithful.

    So I am taking my 8100 away for a nice weekend. The Toshiba can stay at home and hopefully I can sweet talk the 8100 into taking me back. This is about the only thing I haven’t tried yet, so it is worth a shot.

    Thanks for the effort in this page (disappointing Dell can’t do similar). This one has me stumped.

    By the way, if the weekend away doesn’t work I think I will try to teach the 8100 to fly.


  54. J Faulkner

    I hate Pcs…..I had the same issue, was on hold with Dell India for hours…..I got mad and kicked the computer down. I took the cover off, cussed it out and….viola green light comes on and now works fine. Im guessing the drive was frozen. I suggest trying this before paying the 50$ to dell. I feel like tommy boy, its a gaurenteed piece of crap……

  55. Looks like ALL hardware problems will make the led flash orange, unlike home brewed PCs as they will behave differently depending on the trouble.

    Maybe it’s a way for Dell to keep their support team profitable.. who knows 🙂

  56. Ricky

    Hi, i’ve worked in IT for the past 5 months and seem to cope with most things that get thrown at me. There is one thing that bugs me though.

    I’ve got a flashy orange light on a Dell Optiplex GX270

    Only seems to happen when it’s shutdown in the normal manner. As time is precious in the morning to me at work i’ve come up with the following solutions.

    Holding the power button down till it goes away.
    Taking the plug out the back counting to five and then plugging it in again.
    Swearing under my breath.

    After a lot of holding the power button down and taking the plug out and putting it back in again it seems to go green.

    The other posts seem to give a wide spectrum of answers though.


  57. C.Opwis

    Hi all,
    i’ve been very happy to find this site, it gave me lots of hints on the way to fix the problem on a Dell Optiplex GX machine. None of it solved the problem though, so I had to open the chassis, disassembled and removed HD, cooling unit, speaker and fans etc to view how the surface of the board and its components look like (besides, I’m kinda recreation electronics). For my case, user ‘gctech’ was right (entry at dec’07), there were leaky capacitors! They looked like they got hot, there was a tiny bulb on top of them. I carefully changed two of them (both 6,3V 2200µF), assembled all together again, connected power, pushed the power switch and…. YESSS!!! 😉
    cu CO

  58. James

    Well, what can I say?

    I have checked absolutely everything on this site, picked it apart with a fine toothed comb, and still this light.
    I thought I had beaten it when I replaced the 3V battery, untill I pushed the power button in, then the blinking started again. I began to feel like it was mocking me.
    Just to have a look, I wondered if the processor had been fried, although no signs were shown upon first opening the cover (burning smell, black around the heatsink), this was untill I carefully unclipped the housing holding the processor down, and gently removed it from it’s slot. This is where I realised what the problem was, there was a severe lack of pins on the underside of the processor, they were all still nice and neatly in their seperate slots on the motherboard!
    I have no idea how this would have happened, but thought I’d like to share it with everyone, who may have tried everything and getting nowhere, but I really do hope that this isn’t your problem.

  59. Dave

    One of the strangest issues I’ve run across. My problem ended up being the 3V battery. I replaced it and it works fine now.

    Thanks for the help!

  60. Beasley

    I unplugged my Dimension 8200 from it’s monitor, keyboard and mouse in order to work on a new Optiplex GX280. I simply wanted to use the Dimensions hardware to install XP on the new GX280.

    Well after that, I tried restarting the 8200 after I plugged in it’s peripherals and it wouldn’t start up…. all I got was the amber (orange) light.

    It was pretty dirty so I gave it a run through with the air compressor and what do you know, that did it. It was just too dirty and didn’t want to start.

    Just posting so that others should start with something so simply.

    This is such an informative site that I just had to post my mini-ordeal with this issue. Thanks to all for all the info!

  61. i too had the orange blinking light problem on a dimension 5150… i was able to get the computer to “reset” itself by unplugging all of the usb devices, but leaving the power cord plugged in for about a minute or two… the computer would boot up but, the orange blinking light would eventually come back… since i had 2 of these computers i was able to replace the components in the bad computer with those that i knew worked fine in my other… it turned out the power supply was the culprit & had to be replaced… i purchased a new one from BestBuy for $60, and replaced it myself… i have had no problems since then…

  62. Interresting info James, thank you!

  63. I love you all. I was in a panic until I found this blog post and subsequent comments.

  64. Wade

    Thank you all. Just got back from a 4 day hiatus. Got the orange blinking light syndrome. Follow the power supply and the self powered USB devices,which I have 2, unplugged all including power cord and turned off power supply. Restarted the computer and everything is fine.
    I never had this problem before I have shutdown and rebooted before, but never left it off for that many days.
    The two powered devices I have are external hard drive and a Realtors key card for lockboxes.
    Thanks for all help you probable saved me countless hours of time with tech support.

  65. Uri

    I got the same problem. Disconnected all USB devices and the computer booted normally.
    If the issue comes up again – what kind of PSU (as specific as possible, please)should I be looking for?
    I have a Dell Dimension 5100.
    Thank you all.

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  67. bigtex

    I have a Dimension 5150 and this happened to me for the 2nd time tonight after a power outage. The first time I had a problem with a bent USB pin, that fixed it instantly. This time I just removed and reinserted the internal battery and that seemed to fix the problem for now. The computer is about 3.5 years old now and I probably just need to buy a new battery for the thing. Thanks for all the advice.

  68. Ian

    List of items to check (from my experiences)

    1) Visual check – Look at all the capacitors on the motherboard. Ensure that none of them are swolen (bulging) or leaking. If any are then you will be looking at a motherboard replacement or repair. (repair is relatively easy if you are competent with a soldering iron)

    2) Visual check – Look at all power cables leading from the power supply. On some GX270’s the build quality was awful, especially around the hard disk/floppy disk/dvdrom area. Power cables were sometimes stretched around the sharp metal interior causing the occasional short circuit. If the copper within the wire is not damaged then suggest using electrical installation tape around the damage and re-route the power cable so that it doesnt foul on the chassis.

    3) Power off – Remove the memory from the system and attempt to boot up without it. (you should hear a low tone beep type noise). Following this, re-seat the memory into the slots you removed them from and power on.

    4) Replace CMOS battery – even though some systems battery’s test ok (even with a multimeter) in some cases this actually worked !

    5) Check all usb ports for fluff/fragments/dirt (anything really that shouldnt be there).

    Some of these have already been mentioned above but I hope this prevents the frustration of scrolling the whole thread.

  69. HW Lelienhof

    Blinking Dell Optiplex GX270

    Here the problem only occured when i shutdown the machine. The led starts blinking….. I just took a PowerSupply (just for test) from an another machine and it worked like a dream….

    Place the “defect” PS into machine and the same problem was there. In this case it was the PS. I looked at the components, but can not see any defect cap’s in the PS.

    We startup problems before with this type of pc’s, but those problems where fixed by Dell by changing the Motherboard!

    We have to agree that we can disagree!

  70. If swapping with a know good power supply did not solve the issue then follow the next steps: (Remember to unplug the power and to drain it by holding down the power button for 10 seconds once you’ve disconnected power every time you’re working inside the computer.)

    1.- Disconnect the ribbon cable for the I/O panel to the motherboard by pulling upward using the plastic tab attached to the cable.

    2.-With the I/O panel still disconnected, remove the CMOS battery. Connect the power cable and check if The computer starts automatically without the I/O panel. Test..

    3.-Reconnect the I/O panel cable and Unplug the data and power cables from the back of all drives. This includes hard drives, CD or DVD drives, and floppy drives. Reconnect the power cord, and then turn on the computer. Test..

    4.- Remove all expansion cards. Expansion cards include modems, sound cards, video cards, controller cards, or other cards plugged into PCI, ISA, PCI-E or AGP slots on the system board (motherboard). Also Remove all of the memory from the computer. Make sure that when doing so, you do not touch the contacts (gold edge). Afterward, plug the computer in and turn it on.

    5.-Reseat the ATX 20-pin connection and the 12V 4-pin (2 black and 2 yellow or 2 black and 2 brown) connection from the power supply to the motherboard reconnect the power cord, and start the computer. Test..

    6.- Disconnect the chassis fan power connector from the system board Attempt to power up the system. Test.


  71. Eriq from Alabama

    About a week ago I also got the dreaded “blinking amber power light” on my Dimension 5100 I got back in Oct of ’05. I used my ‘puter to check my local movie times, went to see the movie, and came back with the blinking light. Pressing the power button did nothing, but I did notice the green motherboard light in the back was still on. I’ve read that a dead motherboard light is usually worse news then a dead Dell but with the blinking amber+green light still working. No green light usually means a bad power supply or motherboard.

    I had the no green light issue only 8 months ago. I left to go to a friend’s house during a cold winter night. I forgot to turn my house’s heater on and it got down to 50 degrees in my room. I believe the cold condensation/temperature or something killed my original power supply. I’m not sure if leaving the computer on would have kept the power supply safe (steady power heat), but just wanted to include that info here in case anyone’s having heater problems during winter :-). Anyways, got another Dell power supply off Ebay and have been fine since.

    Now, how I solved my amber blinking light of ungoodness: I first checked the breaker on my surge protector and indeed it was tripped. So, I pushed the little button in and fixed that. Then I disconnected all the external connections to my computer (speaker wire, usb mouse/keyboard, monitor, etc.) and plugged the Dell back in. No blinking amber light. Pushed power and it started up normally. When I had disconnected my usb mouse and keyboard I noticed that their connections were sorta halfway inout. I assumed that’s what the problem was. Apparently, one of my kittens must have ran behind my computer and jumped or something and knocked the connections loose.

    I know Dell has the little green blinky codes on the front of the case for many different problems, but I wish they didn’t have the amber blinking thing as the general purpose error for everything else. It can mean either a simple replugging of your mouse, or your motherboard blowed up real good-like and fried everything with it….what a range!!!

  72. Bret

    Dear g-d. in all my years of IT. I’m even Director of IS at my company. Quick google found you guys. Here’s what happened.

    Client gives me the computer saying lightning storm.
    test powersupply and HD and both are dead.
    1.5 hours with dell chat, yes Indian, to get powersupply and HD replacement sent to my work, since under warranty. After Dell screwed up and put clients name and DHL corrected it, replaced parts.
    Orange blinking lights.
    Google you guys and think you guys are crazy. 😉
    Check the back, no problem.
    Check the front, one of the mother usbs had the black part missing and a bent pin.
    Straightened it with a knife.
    Installing OS now.

    As for the HD, gone. sata, esata, sata enclosure, on three different physical machines (vista and xp) mount, prompt for format, and drop the device. At least I can move on now. Thank you all.

  73. E-One

    About a year ago I also got the dreaded “blinking amber power light” on my Dell 5150 but my PC was running for more than weeks with no complete shutdown (reboots were fine).

    Now, how I solved my amber blinking light of ungoodness:
    1. Remove the power cable, waited till green led on motherboard was off
    2. removed the 3V battery
    3. I disconnected all the external connections to my computer (speaker wire, 5x USB mouse/keyboard, monitor, etc.) and Video Adapter + Firewire PCI card
    4. Put back in the 3V battery and Power cable and touched all cables inside PC
    5. Now orange blinking turns into green….yes…PC is booting

    But last week the PC was for 1 week with power off due to a holiday. Now the green LED on the motherboard was burning, but the orange blinking power led was gone and the PC was not responding at all!. Help….

    Next day I went to the local PC shop and had to buy a new power supply (350Watt) for 25 Euro. Up and running within 15minutes after replacing this crappy power supply. With ‘cold start’ the power supply was not healtly anymore.

    Buy a new power supply!

    • Woody

      my led on the motherboard of my dell xps 720 is glowing amber not green. could this be due to the fact that i need to replace my motherboard’s battery?

  74. I see this frequently, It’s almost always caused by bad capacitors. If you discharge (unplug the power and press power button) the computer it will work for a short while. I generally recommend buying a new power supply however you can replace the faulty capacitors for $2 in parts + shipping. I wrote a guide explaining what to look for and how to do it. How to Fix a Dell CX305N Power Supply

  75. pab

    No voodoo, no magic unplug sequence (first keyboard, then…mouse?)
    In my 5150 the cheapo-chinese power supply was exhausted after two years of almost 24/7 power on. It just can’t start the devices of the computer.
    Maybe the guys at Dell saved too much cost on this part.
    I replaced it with a brand new bigggg-fan 420W power supply (40€) and now it works like a charm and more silently.

  76. Ams

    Hi everyone!!

    Googled & found you guys.
    Have tried everything listed above and my Dell Optiplex GX150 just won’t start up.
    Mobo light is on and power button light is still doing the orange flashy thing.

    Opened up the system – no dust, no bent pins on usb or lan connector. CD & floppy connectors are ok. Unplugged everting one by one and attempted to start. Also tried a new cmos battery – but still have the orange flashing light!!!

    help please 🙁

  77. Vic

    Hi there!

    Nice to have all this info over the Internet. I was another orange blinking light victim 😛
    Let me share the way I diagnosed the problem based on the comments above:
    1) Remove all power disk cables. Try to turn on the PC. Blinking light again.
    2) Reconnect all power disk cables.
    3) Remove all the video, audio, modem and network cards.
    4) Eureka! The PC starts.
    5) Add one by one the cards and test if the PC starts. At the end, when I connect the network card the blinking light appears again.
    6) I had another network card but when I add it, the problem appears again. I tried any combination of installed cards but always the same result: the network card cause the blinking light. Strange behavior.
    7) Then I saw the Jeremy Brock article “How to Fix a dell CX305N Power Supply” and I can found a leaky capacitor… for less than a dollar (1000uF capacitor) I can fix my Power Supply, even though my power supply is not the same as the article describes, I mean, it is a good example.
    8) I added the network card and the PC is up and running now.

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

    Have a nice day!

  78. Texcd

    BENT Usb Pin !!!

    The gentleman was correct

    Well done.

  79. Axilias

    Just passing by to say thanks to everyone in this thread, very helpful, had a problem with an Optiplex 620, I checked most of the stuff here but it wasn’t the problem.

    It was finally the Power Supply which died. Could force another standard one in there and the client was glad.

  80. julboy

    i need help i have a dell dimension 3000when i press the power button the fan comes on,but both lights they power and hard drive lights stays on and nothing comes up on my flat screen.Can any one help me i triedall kind of things.

  81. I’ve been struggling with mine all day today. I took the 3V CR2032 batteries from 2 other working system, since I didnt want to drive to Radio Shack, and that didnt do it.

    I inspected the system for bent pins, bluging caps, I tried swapping the memory around, removed all IDE/Floppy/SATA cables, removed graphics card (just for the heck of it), swapped in a new Power Supply, re-seated the CPU, and who knows what else.

    I am currently getting the system to boot for a 1/4 second, then back to the blinking light. The fans all spin up, then right back off. I am under the impressions that I simply have a dead motherboard. My brain hurts now!

    Grrr. Good luck out there, and if you fixed you problem by adjusting a USB port, I envy you.

  82. I have suffered the BLINKING ORANGE light twice with my Dell Dimesions E310.
    First time I took off the cover and watched the inside (motherboard, etc). I was so frustrated with this occurrence so I watched the motherboard and the “innards” while playing with the power switch, power cable, and the 125/220 volt switch on the power supply. I did not and do not receommend touching anything inside at this stage of troubleshooting, unless you are a well insulated superhero.
    Anyway with this first occurrence I saw something like a spark that seemed to be associated with a bug burning or dust particle burning. Hawaii is a rather hot climate and bugs grow easily.
    The computer started working.
    Then a couple of days later after I had started system mechanic, registry mechanic, or one of those other computer mechanic programs, left the computer running, wife was at home and I was at work — mny wife said that the computer POPPED and quit running. I have had it unplugged since then and started looking at it today, 26 Oct 08. I went through the ame “troublewatching” that I had done bore and this time I saw a flash of light not a spark. I’ll explain this — if I can uplad a picture. I do not know which step caused the LIGHT but n=now the co[uter is working. My guess is that my DELL DIMENSION E310 will do this again in a week or so. SO I am glad that DELL CUSTOMER Service left their email address (customer_advocate@dell.com )and I will inform them of my problem and THEIR COMPUTER. Don’t see any button that will let me upload a photo.

  83. Big Izzy

    I have the orange blinky light problem.

    I have read the ENTIRE thread, and I have a question.

    I’ll be doing whatever on my computer, surfing the web, editing some music with Sonar Producer, whatever…and it all of the sudden shuts off with the Orange blinky light.

    Here are things I have noticed when it does this.
    #1. Most of the USB peripherals are still powered up. This includes things like my keyboard, mouse, etc. I checked the back for bent USB, I didn’t see anything. They did look kind of dirty, though.

    #2. The lights on the back (GGGG) are off and not lit.

    This happens WHILE I’M WORKING on stuff. Could this be the power supply? I did notice though that when it goes on “orange light” mode, one of the USB devices stops working while the rest continue to work…

    Thanks guys

  84. Wes

    Big Izzy, if your power supply isn’t sufficient to handle the workload, then it could be causing this problem.

    My first thoughts:

    – eMachines and other bargain computers are notorious for weak power supplies
    – Graphics cards can be power hogs
    – Make sure your power source is good (if your computer is on the end of a daisy-chained power strip sharing the circuit with twenty other machines, consider finding a way to get it “clean” electricity.
    – Make sure your RAM is properly seated and your hard drive power cables are not loose.

  85. Replace the 3V CR2032 Battery 4$ bucks and your back in business. I replaced everything else Power Supply, CPU even prayed to the dark gods of PC Hade’s with no success. Slapped in a four dollar battery and the clouds parted the sun shined and singing songbirds danced around me.

  86. Ernie

    Dells orange blinky light this has just started to happen to my works computer (Optiplex gx520)so as I like to fiddle with things I opened up the case and found the hard drive to be very hot.
    The hard drive is incased in a plastic holder which I think adds to the build up of heat and since running the computer with the cover removed the dreaded orange blinky light has not returned hope this helps.

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  88. roo


    Just suffered the same flashing orange light on my Dell Precision 390 desktop.

    It also turned out to be the damaged usb port as mentioned by numerous others. A simple straightening of the pins, a deep breath and hey presto… computer boots ok.

    cheers all

  89. Drew

    A skeptic converted.
    Dell 5150, dreaded slow bleeping blinking amber beacon….
    Powered down….and unplugged from wall AC
    waited for green LED inside PC to fade to black
    Removed CMOS battery, did the Hokey Pokey, and reinstalled the SAME one.
    When I plugged it in it was immediately a new RAPID and short lived amber blink, followed by a 1-2 second green light, then quiet.
    Then I initiated a restart by depressing the power button, and it came right up.
    I replaced the CMOS battery with a new one just to be safe.

    Wonder how long this will hold.

    I bench tested the old CMOS, and it still had 3.2Vs…..

  90. Dev

    You guys are sooo awesome!!!! I went thru lots of headache trying to get my Dimension desktop fixed.

    2 repair tech was going to charge me $250 to replace the MB; the other to replace I/O input & power supply for $200. After reading this posting, I tried several things, as it turns out, it was my USB keyboard. Too weird, but it worked.

    Thank you for posting the suggestions.

  91. Tim

    Yea, I just started messing around with the usb ‘s (Keyboard, Mouse) and it just booted up!! Don’t give up!!

  92. Jimmy

    I had this problem with my uncle’s Dimension 5100. After trying all of the smaller fixes listed above to no avail, I picked up a 500 W PSU for $20. After switching it in, the computer booted right up. It’s really disgusting that Dell can get away with selling such sub-par components.

  93. Can I just say what an amazing resource this is, thought we would need a new PC – as the DELL Dimension 5150 was out of warranty, but after trying some of the suggestions we put in a new PSU and it was fine.


  94. xMan

    Dell Optiplex GX270. I had to disconnect everything and found that the faulty part was the connector for the floppy. Once the connector was properly connected, everything worked as it should.

    This fault was not possible to see, as the FDD connector is some kind of special flat cable with out it’s own hardware connector at the end. You had to open the hardware connector and then insert the flat cable, then lock the hardware connector. Easy to fix, however also easy to get wrong since there are so many connectors in the cable that need to allign with the hardware connector. Not able to describe it better, and I believe Dell is no longer using these cables w/o it’s own connector at the end.


  95. me

    thank you to everyone in here. i have had the blinking orange light right when i insert the power cord. i have tried everything above, and the only thing that worked was replacing the power supply. works now. thank you everyone

  96. David

    One more to add to the orange flashing light Syndrome.

    Gx620 working perfectly, shut down correctly, only sign of life orange flashy light. Looked at the suggestions here and finally tested with a generic Power supply and the thing works fine.

    I’ll pull the original supply and blow it out etc and see if I can resurect it. If I can’t, I’m somehow betting that there won’t be any other generic supplys that fit and the Dell replacement with be stupidly expensive.

    If that proves to be the case, I’ll just mount a regular supply to the computer case on the outside and be done with it.

    After always owning clones, I can’t say im at all impressed with the couple of 2 yo dell that were given to me. All I can say is i’m thankful I didn’t pay for the things!

  97. If any of the above solutions don’t work, try this:

    Open up your CPU case and check for any cards that may have been jolted out of place, and slot them back in snugly.

    I had the same amber light problem and tried everything – unplugging USB devices, checking USB pins, surge protector off an don, etc. Finally solved the problem when I opened up the CPU case and saw that one of the I/O cards had been nudged slightly out of its slot. Fitted it back in securely, and the system worked perfectly.

  98. Help

    Hi Everyone,
    I had the same problem. I had the orange blinking light and no lights came up at the back (ABCD status indicator). I switched the PSU and unplugged all the devices (IDE drives, HDD etc). I plugged the HDD and tried to boot up but to no avail. I finally took my PC to a local computer store and they told me what I didn’t want to hear: the mother board was fried. Hope that’s not the case for others here.

  99. Dan

    Dell Precision server was knocked over on its side, resulting in the Flashing Orange Light of Doom. Light on motherboard would illuminate, none of the four error LEDs on the front would light, power button would flash orange. Swapped out a PSU and that fixed it. Opened damaged PSU and couldn’t find any obvious problems. No fuses in this one – PSU has a circuit breaker on the outside. I’m surprised the PSU could fail internally just from a moderate jolt.

  100. Tony Spicuzza

    I had the orange blinky w/a Dell 5150 desktop after a power surge in the building my office is in. Started removing USB devices… mouse, keyboard, backup drive: still blinky. I disconnected the monitor (a refurb HP 22″) and all was green. Computer booted up; I held the power key to shut it down again and plugged in a 17″ monitor and all the usb devices… and all was well.

    Immediately backed up the computer and will figure out what to do with the HP monitor.

    If you have this problem: start simple, USB devices first, then the $4 battery, then power supply, then motherboard. Keep trying things one at a time until the problem goes away.

  101. Tony Spicuzza

    Here are some Dell pages on the issue:



    The Blinking Amber Light of Death is a documented problem. Here’s what Dell says about the Dimension 5150

    Inside of Warranty
    Contact Support 1-800-624-9896, and they will troubleshoot the blinking amber LED symptom and replace the defective part(s) per your warranty coverage. We will first replace the power supply and the Front I/O and Control Panel Assembly. If this fails to fix the blinking amber LED symptom, we will then send out a motherboard.

    Parts needed in first service –
    X8543 Front I/O and Control Panel Assembly
    Power Supply (there are several part numbers. The technician can find this using your service tag number)

    If the above parts do fix the Blinking Amber LED, we will then send a motherboard –
    NH720 Motherboard Service Kit for Prescott CPUs
    TJ946 Motherboard Service Kit for Cedar Mill, Smithfield, and Presler CPUs

    Outside of warranty
    If you did not previously contact Dell-Jesse and get confirmation from him that you are on the list, you must pay Dell On Call 1-888-236-3355 to troubleshoot the blinking amber power LED. Once they ascertain what part(s) is defective, you may purchase the part(s) from Dell Spare Parts 1-800-357-3355. We are not giving the parts away. If this is happening, the technicians are going against Dell Policy.

    X8543 Front I/O and Control Panel Assembly
    Power Supply (there are several part numbers. The technician can find this using your service tag number)
    NH720 Motherboard Service Kit for Prescott CPUs
    TJ946 Motherboard Service Kit for Cedar Mill, Smithfield, and Presler CPUs
    Message Edited by DELL-Chris_M on 04-21-2008 08:12 AM

  102. anon

    I got this on my Dell Latitude D820 yesterday. I did a battery run-down test (ie, LCD and HDD on, but not doing anything). Lasted 4 hours 34 minutes. I know it doesn’t last as long as new, but 4+ hours is a dead battery? It pops up a little dialog box that says “Click here to buy a new battery”. Mine seems to charge just fine. I wedged a bit of foam under the bezel, and you’d never know that there’s an angry blinking orange LED under there now. 4.5 hours, this is thuggish pocket stuffing for Dell. Also, it spent 1 hour past the “critical” warning (ie, it was reading 2% for an hour, or almost 25% of the time!)

  103. Deepak

    Anon,….i have nothing to say, coz you said every thing i was suppose to…..i too have the same problem with my Dell latitude D820, since few weeks.

  104. Deepak

    Anon,….i have nothing to say, coz you said every thing i was suppose to…..i too have the same problem with my Dell latitude D820, since few weeks.

    i am not using any external device, and all the USB ports are fine…

    Could anyone tell me how to get rid of this problem?

  105. Daniel Newman

    Jerther the unplugging sort of worked. I unplugged all USB devices. Still didn’t work. Then I unplugged the Dell Keyboard (not USB) and it turned on like a charm.


  106. Christo

    Ok guys just scored a used Dell Inspiron 5150 Laptop. Worked fine for an couple of hours and then the y-y-y-y-g light started flashing and got a shut down(plugged in power) but the fan and harddrive is still running but black screen. So I can use the power button to shut down the laptop and then restart it which fires up right away, but only runs for a few minutes and then shuts down again still with the power light on and fan running but no screen?? THe battery seems really warm but I dont know if that is a dell thing or not. Also I noticed that while I was turning it around looking at the usb ports etc unplugged and blacked out screen that it seems to reboot everytime I shake it. Giving me the idea of bad battery connection. but it should not be an issue if i leave it on a desk. What can I look for since I already checked my usb ports

  107. Beau

    Thank you to all who have commented. I have a Dell Dimension 8400. Same, amber waves of death. Tried replacing the power supply, tweaking usb pins, blew every spec of dust, surge protector, everything. Just took out the 3v battery off the mobo dusted it off and replaced and she turned on, green light and all. Hope that helps someone.

  108. chezck

    well i think i found the problem, alll you have to do is remove the cable of the front control, and unplug it, then short pins 1 and 9 top row from right to left, having the little tab that makes it go one way in to the top… if computer turns on, the problem will be the board.

  109. Geekgal

    O.k. so I’ve read most of this site and as an 20 year PC tech I learned a few new tricks on here! Thanks everyone.

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. I have a Dell GX620 (stock) that I wanted to add a second SATA HDD. Well after many tests it just won’t work. When I plug the drive in I get the flashing amber light of death. So I just did a quick test of adding a second IDE HDD and like magic, no flashy amber light! My test was just to plug it in so now I get to really install it and see how it goes. It just boggles my mind that Dell has all the hook-up’s to easily install a second SATA drive but that it doesn’t work. I have found this phenomenon on 3 different Dell Models: Optiplex GX620, Optiplex 745 and Optiplex GX280. Fascinating. I guess if you don’t order it with a second HDD you don’t get to have one!!

    Glad I found this site and will put it in my bookmarks for future reference!

    I leave you with this reference to Dell’s site which has a chart for beep codes and lights.


    Good Luck to you all!

  110. John219

    My Dell Precision 350 won’t start up. It just has a SOLID amber light. The hard drive light would only blink once for a split second and then go off for good. I checked for loose connections and didn’t find any. I removed the RAM and there was no beep. I took the CPU out and put it back and now the HD light comes on and stays green, but the main power button light stays amber.

    I looked at the USB ports, and they looked ok except for a little dust. I blew them out.

    All the fans start right up, and nothing ever appears on a monitor. I just get a SOLID amber light.

  111. ROdrigo

    The Only thing you need to do is change the BIOS battery located on the motherboard.It happens all dell computers in + or – 2 years .Don´t waste your money on another power supply, less than 5 USD will solve the blinking amber light problem!!!

  112. BJ

    Well I have the blinking orange light after trying to start my computer. It was shut down correctly. All started after I had to replace the “low battery” which gave me a floppy disk error & F1 or F2. Turned off the floppy disc in Bios and then started getting the flashing orange light that would not let me start my computer with a voice that said “press repeat to continue setup”..like where is the repeat button? Held in the button for 2 min but didn’t stop the orange flashing, pulled the surge protector & light kept on flashing. So kicked the chair and left the room wondering what I was going to do.

    When I came back noticed the orange light was gone, so turned on the surge protector, pushed the button & there was the green light! I haven’t turned off my computer since because afraid the next time I won’t get it back up again.

    Will check the pins on USB ports, unplug everything in back but as far as the inside goes..this girl is afraid to go there & start tinkering with all those funny looking boards.

    I truly feel after reading all the posts that Dell is the blame & should have corrected this at their expense. I just went out & bought a new laptop & it isn’t a Dell. After using Dell for 8 yrs, I have seen their quality go down..I’m thru recommending them. As far as my Dell computer goes, I will hope these suggestions will work for me because I will have to shut it down sometime.

    Thanks all you posters for the humor & help.

  113. Kevi

    Hi, I have an dell inspiron 9300 and i recently had to replace the charger pack thing. Like I bought a brand new power cord thats exactly the same as the original. However, the power light for the batter is constantly blinking orange. It is highly annoying and I don’t think it is charging while it blinks. I just need some tips and tricks to stop the light. I don’t use my computer without the power cord so i don’t want to buy another battery because, even new, they don’t last long. I just really want this light to stop flashing. What does it mean?

    Thank You so much,
    Please Help.

  114. dan

    My blinking light problem turned out being my video card

  115. I am having problem with my CPU,the orange light on my CPU starts to blink whenever I open my CPU, with the floppy drive light also blinking after 2 minutes.It goes on contiue without stopping & on my keyboard Number keys light,Caps light & Scroll lock light blinking at the same time.Pls show me how to solve this problem.I open my CPU also cleared all the dust inside checked all the cables connected well or not.But still I am facing the same problem again & again.

    Pls tell me how to solve this problem i my CPU.above are the details I have given for sending me the mail for the solution for this problem.

  116. My CPU Details are given below with BIOS Version

    BIOS Version – VA84510A.86A.0030.P10
    Processor Type – Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4.
    Processor Speed – 2.8 Ghz
    System Bus Speed – 533 Mhz
    System Memory Speed – 333 Mhz
    L2 Cache RAM – 512 MB
    Total Memory – 255 MB
    Memory Bank 0 – 256 MB – (DDR333)
    Memory Bank 1 – Not Installed
    Diskette Controller – Enable
    Floppy – (1.44mb 3 1/2″)
    Diskette written Proctect – Disable
    1st BootDevice – 1st Floppy Drive
    1st Floppy Drive
    2nd – Boot Device PM-STSYOO15A
    3rd Boot Device (SM-HL-DT-ST-RW/DVD GCC)

  117. change the Boot Device – Details are given below

    Before 2nd – Boot Device – STSY0015A
    Change to 2nd – Boot Device – ST340015A

  118. I am having problem with my CPU,the orange light on my CPU starts to blink whenever I open my CPU, with the floppy drive light also blinking after 2 minutes.It goes on contiue without stopping & on my keyboard Number keys light,Caps light & Scroll lock light blinking at the same time.Pls show me how to solve this problem.I open my CPU also cleared all the dust inside checked all the cables connected well or not.But still I am facing the same problem again & again.

    Pls tell me how to solve this problem i my CPU.above are the details I have given for sending me the mail for the solution for this problem.

    My CPU Details are given below with BIOS Version

    BIOS Version – VA84510A.86A.0030.P10
    Processor Type – Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4.
    Processor Speed – 2.8 Ghz
    System Bus Speed – 533 Mhz
    System Memory Speed – 333 Mhz
    L2 Cache RAM – 512 MB
    Total Memory – 255 MB
    Memory Bank 0 – 256 MB – (DDR333)
    Memory Bank 1 – Not Installed
    Diskette Controller – Enable
    Floppy – (1.44mb 3 1/2?)
    Diskette written Proctect – Disable
    1st BootDevice – 1st Floppy Drive
    1st Floppy Drive
    2nd – Boot Device – ST340015A
    3rd Boot Device (SM-HL-DT-ST-RW/DVD GCC)

  119. Rico

    Dell PC problems: FIX ACTIONS:

    1) Power cycle – unplug the power to the PC- hold the power button down for 10 sec.

    2) Capacitors – If the cross in the top of them is not flat or bubbled looking then you have a bad motherboard.

    3) RAM – restart the PC with only 1 stick at a time and in diffferent slots. Ram can easily go bad.

    4) Power supplies – Dell PCs are notorious for power supply failures but its = the users fault for not having them on a surge protector. Check the LED light on the board or LED # 1 2 3 4 which are indicators of errors with hardware. There is also built in diagnostic that can be run from the BIOS.

  120. roy

    my motherbord led has a orange light wat does this mean?

  121. roy

    i hva a dell dimension E521 and it wont start the power button its orange and im not able no see nothin on the scareen it runs on the orange power ligth but does nothin.

  122. Henning von Kalm

    Hi there – have a Dell as well and am experiencing similar problems. Just moved to India where voltage is higher and after initially blowing up a power unit, now with the new power supply have been experiencing the flashing orange light phenomenon. Also, computer is making a steady high-pitch noise since the new fan was installed. Any suggestions???

  123. jaime

    hello i have a optiplex gx280 small desktop, and when i turn on the computers sometimes some fan inside start runnig faster and faster..i have to unplug the pc to stop it…sometimes just the famous orange light begin blinkin..

    can you help me please??

  124. Tekgirl

    azhar mohammed your first boot device is the floppy, change it to the drive.

  125. BASiQ

    Well, just to add my 2 cents to this freaking awesome thread, I tried everything all the way up to #comment-18387. Well nothing had worked so far so I was like heck, I’ll flip the orange switch in the back. Flipped it plugged it back in..
    Still orange light, but the lock light turned on. Weird… o.O

    Well no go there so i flipped it back and guess what!?! It worked!

    Thanks all a ton for making this thread and darn you Dell for making something that requires a mile long thread to fix…

  126. Tim

    My orange light was caused by a damaged USB port, the pins were smashed and shorting the bus. Check all your ports.

  127. I have an HP pavillion desktop a1473w (off warranty a couple months ago). The green steady light has recently turned amber/yellow and flickers, my fan shuts off and on, and at random I hear a chirp. I have not got my book anymore, and HP wants money to talk about it, and a technician wants money to look at it. Does anyone have any ideas? Homework deadlines do not care about computer issues, I hope it is not serious, tax returns are a long ways off yet. Write richtrailer@yahoo.com with ideas. Thanks!

  128. namwaan

    I have a DELL dimension e521. I had the blinking light problem, computer wouldn’t start and nothing on the screen. I did everything… reinstalled RAM, reinstalled all cards, replaced a power supply, checked all USB ports but nothing works. Finally I had to replace a motherboard. Luckily hard drive wasn’t damaged… Now it’s working great!..

  129. JoJoM

    Sounds like a lot of people have dell amber flashing light problems. My computer is basically new, only one month out of the one year warranty. The last dell I had, had the same flashing light problem. It turned out to be the power supply. The new one now has the same thing. I’m going to try to do the suggestions given in this tread before I take it to the $300 just for asking computer diagnostic center. This is my last Dell. I think all the amber Flashing light Dell people should get together and file a class action suit against Dell. too many people are having this same problem. good-bye Dell. Hello Mr. Mac!

  130. JoeK

    This a great thread and very informative.

    The Dell I am working on for a customer is having the blinking light. However, what I get from most of these post is that yours would never power on until the issue is fixed. With this Dell, it will sometimes power on and run until I shut in down. It may or may not start up again next time, no matter if it is a few seconds or days later.

    Put is spare PSU that I had, that wasn’t a fix. I will be checking all the other suggestions tonight, but wanted to get some opinions about the problem being on and off. (no pun intended)


  131. I love Dell products, but over the past few years we have seen dozens of these issues. It has gotten to the point that we actually keep a few power supplies on hand at all of our clients that have a large deployment of Dell workstations.

    For most home users, that is simply not practical and Dell really needs to do something to address these issues. We continue to reccomend Dell products but if these problems continue we simply cannot continue to do so in good faith.

    Come on Dell, find us a solution!

  132. Alex

    thanks to this site and all the guys that posted their solutions. I did check on my usb port, and one of them got the pins all messed up. I did spread them and bingo, the amber light is gone.

  133. sunny

    I want to add my experience.
    I used the chat feature and after I told the Dell tech initially my problem – that my battery was dead — that I was NOT going to replace it at this time and that I was happy to use AC for the time being and all I wanted was to have them help me stop the orange light from blinking — the tech told me I needed a new battery!!

    Well, I already knew that! So, I sort of let her have it (because she kept repeating it and I kept telling her I did not want a new battery, I wanted to use AC and have every right to and still should be able to turn off the blinking orange/amber light), and then I asked for her supervisor.

    The chat tech was very inept (but nice!! go figure!!)

    The supervisor ended up just offering to send me a new battery, as my battery is out of warranty (even though I do still have the extended hardware warranty).

    Ironically, I just had the motherboard replaced this same day (and prior to – did not have the blinking light issue — only after the battery initially went low and dead about a month or so ago) and this orange light flashing problem came back again.

    So somehow, I attribute it to the new motherboard, as this was NOT occuring over the last month. When it did happen, however, I just taped a piece of black duct tape over that light, because it was really annoying.
    Problem solved (for the time being).

    I think ultimately it is a faulty communication system between the battery and the light — and when the battery goes low or dead — it will blink until you get a new battery.
    Well – – that is just not right — because there needs to be a setting to turn the darn thing off!! And even I have my battery warning settings turned OFF, that doggone orange light still blinks.

    So, my conclusion is — it is a design failure or malfunction of the way the battery is to communicate with the blinking light.
    Once the battery is dead — it should no longer blink.

    And Dell cannot expect people to live with an extreeeeemely annoying blinking light for the remaining life of the computer.

    Hope this helps someone!! 🙂

  134. Mr. Gabriel Mahandare

    I’m using a dell optiplex GX520, it blinks orange light and its cant start/power on.
    What can I do?

  135. Aaron

    I had a bent USB pin as well. Thanks!!!

  136. jm

    Hi, I cant shut down my DELL Inspiron 5100 Laptop using safe boot. The start- shut down function is missing from the administrator profile.

    When I used the guest profile, the laptop seems to have turn off but there is still a light in the LCD . I pressed the the power button to cold boot the laptop, the indicator lights turned orange.

    I had to wait for the lights to turn off and when I tried to turn on the laptop, it wont boot up and I see orange blinking lights.

    Can someone help me? Thank!

  137. This is an oviously infuriating situation. I think it was stated earlier (At least on pc’s) the amber light blinking is not in itself any indication of what is wrong with the system. Only that somethign is wrong. Reading throguh all these post’s pretty much made my day. Any machine that has a failure to boot problem (With or without lights) goes through this kind of ‘tentative (repair/testing/observation) phase before we start replaceing hardware. It’s nice to see people doing it fo themselves. However for those that are spamming with ‘how do I know if my iusb pins are broken’ and ‘how do i fix’ You need to stop right there and seek proffesional aid.


  138. Mike

    I also had the blinking orange power button on my Optiplex GX520. Previous Dell experience had me thinking it was a bad power supply. Swapped out the power supply, but no change. Bought and installed a new motherboard from Dell ($212), but still no change. Found the comments here regarding bent USB pins. Sure enough, on the front panel of the GX520 there is a board with the power switch, audio jacks and two USB ports. Upon inspection I found one of the USB ports had been totally destroyed by a user. The plastic guide was completely missing and the four internal connector pins were twisted and shorted to each other and the port shell. I can’t recommend this to others, but I removed the board and carefully pried the broken USB port from the board. After reinstallation of the board, the computer booted right up. Obviously the proper solution is to replace the power/audio/usb board, but this worked pretty well for a field fix. I hope this helps!

  139. SteveO

    I also have an E521 that just comes on with the fan blasting like a jet engine and no POST from the BIOS on the screen. No hardware changes in over a year and no idea what suddenly happened. I saw someone above who also had the power come on with nothing but a BLASTING JET FAN. Any ides?

  140. jose cantu

    i have the blinking amber light, i tried everything, replace the battery, i removed all the dust, checked the usb ports etc etc, what is the worst case scenario? replace the motheboard? replace the hard disk? help please

  141. My Dell Inspiron B 120 (older laptop) does not run on a battery. I never replaced the old one but use the laptop with the power adapter plugged in. Just recently, my laptop began to shut itself off with a little buzzing sound at random times without warning! The amber light does blink at all times, even when the computer is off, as long as the adapter is plugged in.
    Thanks for any help.

  142. skyhawk

    To summarize:

    Orange blinking light on dell (dimension 9200): possible causes:

    – short in a usb port
    – broken videocard (this was my problem)
    – broken fan (drawing to much current)

    I short: any device that is broken, connected to the pc in some way (ata, usb, or directly to the power supply) can cause this error.

  143. Mark

    I have a dell optiples gx520, one day i turned it on and all i got was a amber light on the power botton blinking, i tried everything that was suggested but none of those worked and besides that i took the parts out from that dell including power supply and placed it in a similar dell and it works. but when i replace it in that shell it doen’t. this is annoying, i’m hoping someone can kindly assist me. thanks

  144. joe

    Hello all!

    I couldn’t help but notice how many people who call themselves 20 year techs are stumped with this problem. I also couldn’t help but notice that a temp fix for some was to change the cmos battery. When a cmos battery fails, your computer will not hold the correct date and time and will prompt you to go into setup. Blinky orange power light on the mother board or power button is the power supply. I have also been doing this for a very long time about 22 years and power issues are just that, power issues. If you get blinky orange light, the first thing to test is the power supply. Whether you put a voltmeter on it or just swap in a known good power supply, you will have your answer. The only reason I’m posting is some just handed me an optiplex gx150 and it was blinking orange. Tested it with good power supply and it came right up with no more blinky. Simple but logical things first. peace y’all.

  145. SITO


  146. David

    Much like you guys, I too experienced the blinking amber light. With many postings on this topic it guided me to the ground floor of what to look at. I inspected the Optiplex GX620 and finally found an abnormality. The front USB ports were not identical. the port on the left was missing the black sliding wedge inside the port. All contact pins were pushed back, thus creating an elecrical short. I pulled the pins back out and straightened them, so that they no longer made contact with each other. Sure enough this resolved my problem. That one USB port is no longer usable but at least the PC is up and running.

  147. Rishi

    This, by far, has been the best thread on this topic. I took apart my computer, replaced the CMOS battery and PSU, but no luck. I then removed all components included my CPU, and the computer started. Looks like I have to buy a new CPU. 🙁

  148. Ruby D.

    THANKS! Found that the problem was exactly what had been mentioned in one of the posts — unplugged all USB devices and that took care of the problem. Tested each separately and found which one (switch for monitor) in about 3 minutes! Great tips –

  149. Mirku

    ok…Check this out!
    I’ve added an extra hardrive to my dell precision 390 ! If i put the side panel on the case to close it ,the computer won’t boot and the power led starts blinking BUT if i do not put the side panel on the case (case open) …the computer works perfectly !!!
    It is driving me nuts and i can’t find an answer for this!

  150. Thanks. pointed me on my way as well, 17″ Studio with a amber light “4 fast blinks”. Just needed to remove and reset the battery with the power unplugged. (while the laptop is off of course.)

  151. Tom Galvin

    Here is a new fix:
    I replaced the power supply and same prob….unplugged the cpu cooling fan and bam it came up! Of course it cried about the fan being unplugged but it powered up. I will now scour the Internet for a new fan. (by the way it wasnt locked up or anything…must be the electronics in it….4 wires

  152. Timmy Mallot

    I think the solution here is to NOT buy dell products as there support and hardware is ****!

    Overheating has always been an issue with there systems and out company stop buying from them a long time ago.

  153. Mike

    I disconnected all USB, wiggled the powercord, and it flashed green, wiggled it a little more and it started, looks like it’s my PSU that’s been badly manufactured

  154. Simon Redwood

    We have a T1 Poweredge ( been running fine ), and after inserting a scsi card into the system for a tape drive, yep you guessed it ! The orange flashing powerlight !

    As soon as the card is removed the machine powers as normal. Frustating !!!

  155. Tim

    Thanks for all the help, we had the dreaded flashing orange light on our Optiplex GX620 & followed all your advice.
    We unplugged everything cleaned all the dust, checked the USB’s but the battery was the key.
    The only thing we can add is when we changed the battery, on powering up, it worked for about a second Then went back to the orange light again. This would happen each time we removed & replaced the battery. We were obviously on to something. After replacing the battery yet again & powering up, I was busy reading through all this info for more clues when after about 10 mins it kicked into life & then died again. 10 mins later it did it again but no flashing lights. I pressed the power button & hey presto. Success.
    Thanks again for all your help.

  156. Carlos tech

    Boot comp w/o hdd hooked up and wala computer stays on!

  157. Bill Gearhiser

    Man, this web page is fabulous. Thanks to everybody who has posted so far.

    For the record, I have an Optiplex GX280 with the blinking power supply button problem. Blinks long short short, over and over. I checked USB pins, replaced the CR2032 battery, no help. Then, halfway down the page, some Einstein (thanks, man!) suggested taking a power supply from a known good system and plugging it in. Voila! System went into BIOS easily. Wouldn’t boot because that power supply didn’t have a connector for the SATA drive, but I’m convinced. So, in my case, replacing the power supply should fix the system. Amazing what happens if you let people share info. Thanks again.

  158. Rich

    Geat info folks.
    My blinking amber power button turned out to be…my video card. Unplugged it and power resumed. Plugged it back in, power still resumes but no video display.

    Dell XPS420, card was a Gigabyte 9600GT 1GB GV-N96TZL-1GI.

    This is the second card now as the original carked it about 6 months ago. New busted card wants 450W power supply and Dell’s is 425W – maybe that’s what damaged it.

    Hope this helps.

  159. Mark

    I’ve had problems with the flashing amber light from time to time with my Dimension 8400. I’ve usually been able to overcome it with persistance. I would hold it down til it shut off and then try again. Eventually, it would kick on for a few seconds and the flash again until finally it boots up. Tonight, after a 12 hour power outage, it showed no signs of life after repeated attempts. So, this time I tried unplugging it with basically the same method as before, persistance. After about 5 tries, I got the green light for a second. Tried a few more times and then it fired up. Cheap fix so far. Good luck.

  160. Jay

    thanks for the great info I have a dimension 5150 kept on blinking disconected the the front usb panel with cable from motherboard turns out two pins in a usb port was folded in on each other I straightened them both out with 2 tiny flat (eyeglass screwdrivers) one one top and one on bottom of each pin then straightened them and now the computer boots thanks again

  161. kiran

    Thank you every body my problem got fixed. I had a orage light.

    I tried the battery but it did not work.

    I changed the power supply and the computer started working fine. The power supply costed me $32 from Radio Shack.

    But i need to tell one thing, my system fan was not working and the green light on my mother board was fine.

    I saved atleast $300 because of the comments here.

  162. thnx 4 these helpful lesson guyz u’v really helped me alot>

  163. Mark


    i do consider myself a somewhat technically inclined so most problems i can fix on my own but thought i’d check the net to see if my solution to it was far off from what it should be.

    i had the same problem of the blinking orange light at start up but after going thru my board the moat logical thing to do was replace the power supply as it was a power problem. just bought the parts for it but if all else fails i’ll try the other techniques listed, but usually when the battery fails all that happens is an annoying screen at atart up asking if to continue with F1 or another since sys time is inaccurate, so not quite sure that would be the issuue. will check bent pins for that really slipped my observation but the probelm did start with an external hard drive. will let you all know what worked an what really was the issue. had no idea this problem was so prominent.


  164. pagaille

    I just fixed my dell dimension 5150 simply by having the power supply replaced. Actually, as I’m technician I was able to repair it myself by replacing a leaking capacitor (1000 uF, 10V).

    Disclaimer : Do NOT try to do this yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing : there are VERY high voltages still present AFTER power off. (400V DC, and sometimes even more).

    To all having such problem : this problem is related to a power supply failure. Always try to replace the PSU, since it is relatively low cost and easy to do.

  165. Scott

    GX 270, shut down USB and held it off, worked like a charm on re-start. Many thanks!

  166. Paul Gallagher

    Also check that one of the USB ports is not damaged.
    I had a PC with same sysmptoms (flashing amber) and I replaced the PSU. No joy, so I replaced the mainboard. Still same.
    Someone mentioned that a connected USB device could be the cause.
    In my case, PC is from a Computer Suite in a University and some student had damaged one of the USB ports at the front, causing a short.
    I disconnected ribbon cable and PC powered up. Now working with the offedning port taped off.

  167. lee

    Hi all, I too had the same problem with the flashing lights. I bought a Dell 1150 for my daughter, and not long after the battery gave up. Was running it on the AC power alone and got the flashing lights. I checked the powerboard that it was connected to and pushed the red button on the side and and Bobs your uncle the laptop booted up. Thanks again.

  168. Zakaria

    Dell PowerEdge server 2600 orange flashing light
    everything is running right no weird sound, event error.
    got frustrated, can someone provide a solution, will be appreciated.
    thank you

  169. Jared

    I have a Dell XPS 420 that has/had the blinking orange light.
    I tried everything I could see here, unplugged, removed all usb connections, even removed the wireless card checked the internals for any obvious damage and found none, cleaned the heatsink and all the fans and got nothing. Chnged the 3V battery..nothing. Eventually bought a new popwer supply and installed that with nothing changing.
    Still had the flashing light and that little orange light inside.
    Decided the power supply wasn’t the issue so put the old one back in and when i went to turn it on i got a spark from behind the heat sink thing..

    I have always been under the impression that sparks mean it’s time for a new computer but does anyone know what might have been the problem or if it would be worth trying to fix it/get it fixed?


  170. Mac


    Was caused by two bent pins on one of the USB ports on the rear of the machine. Didn’t know they were bent until I rebooted after installing windows updates.

  171. Charley

    Never would have thought that USB could be the culprit in something like this. Our dog chewed through a USB cable under the computer desk a few weeks ago and I’d just left it there (after the dog got an earful). Then earlier this week the computer wouldn’t turn on but just kept blinking that orange light.

    Read some of the comments here and began to unplug USB components. The chewed up cord was the problem!

    I don’t pretend to know why it’s working now, but I’m glad it is. Thanks to everyone who offered ideas for how to fix the problem! Can’t believe my good fortune 🙂

  172. Thx guys for a great post……It seem after read this post….I did check the power supply unit and did find that 2 of the caps are gone!…..need a new power supply.

    Thanks again.

  173. Taffman

    I have a variation on this with a DELL 9200. Orange light comes on the goes green, so far so good. There is a buzzing noise comming fromt he PSU area and the PC will not boot, not even from a bootable CD. Problem is intermittant, but becomming more frequent. Before I go out and buy a new PSU anyone else get this problem and knows how to fix it?

  174. Jack

    just dropping a note to say your quick and easy fix worked like a charmfor me. Thanks for saving me a lot of frustration!

  175. brian

    This site helped me greatly. I had the orange light blues too.Did some unplugging of all usb cord turned of the power source by the switch on the back an turned off the moniter. Waited a few minutes and turned just the tower power on. Ta—da green lights. Then plugg in an turn on moniter which now should also be green. Almost done plugg in usb cords. TIME TO SURF……THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. Barb J

    the blinking light woos… I learned after a long time of dealing with this issue… the change of the color of the light is like a computer for a car giving flashes and codes… with the computer it is a warning that something inside is malfunctioning or not working properly. In my case, it was the fans were not working properly and the light was trying to alert me of the internal things getting too warm and the fan was not working full time. Again, it could be ‘anything’ inside not working properly, in my case the fan was part time not working! Thanks to everyone!

  177. julie west

    I have a problem.Today my daughter went to turn on our Desk top and it wouldnt turn on,, the on button stays yellow you can here the fan working the disk opens but the monitor wont stay on..The yellow on light just stays yellow(No blinking)But you can here the computer working..What could be the problem..Its a dell dimension E521 turns on but on bottom stays yellow Help please ASAP..Im lost..thank you

  178. Sean O

    My input on this pretty authoritative post: re-seating the battery worked for me. Instead of a slowly blinking amber light, I received a fast-blinking one. Unplugged the USB keyboard & mouse, and the light turned green.

    Told the computer who the current president is, and we’re back up & running.

  179. kyle

    i have a dimension 8400 and well i think i found an easier solution just press the F2 key when you turn it on its the second time it worked for me and no shut down at all! 😀

  180. Joe

    Some interesting info here. I havd a dell gx270 which lost video I assume the onboard gpu needs a reflow or is damaged. i was hoping adding a new video card would get the video up and going but nope as I need to disable the onboard video processor to get the new video card to be the primary but thats a different question . I removed the card and went to power the unit up but before I could do anything I looked and the unit has a flashing green power light as soon as plugged in. If i press it no change no fans or anyt5hing just the constant flashing green power light. I read and all I find on that is its a stand by indicator and says to wake it up move a mouse but that doesnt do anything as the computer isnt truely powered on just plugged in with the flashing green light..Any ideas?

  181. carmella

    The blinking amber light could mean a dead …..omg i would forget the name….the part that you plug in the power cord! a major problem for the dell opiplex 745 atleast!

  182. Dylen

    Been reading through some of the comments here. One thing I see a lot is mention of “disconnected and I got a green light!”.

    This actually may strengthen the case against your power supply. This is also the reason testing the voltages with a PSU removed from the case means nothing either.

    Your computer needs a certain amount of power to supply everything. Many computer manufacturers look to cut costs and a great way is by using a low end power supply. So it works good for a while and wears out fast OR you add something and it cannot handle it OR it burns something out and cannot keep the power levels it used to have.

    Safe bet all these things point to a power supply issue. Do all the checks mentioned in the thread, but remember this post. Things like this tend to come down to Motherboard or PSU. Visually inspect the MB if it looks real good (no discoloration, melted solder, fried components, etc.) it an EXTREMELY safe bet it is your Power Supply.

  183. Mario

    GX620 with blinking amber light. Turns out power supply was overheating (fan was stiff and no longer turning). Replaced fan in the power supply: cheap easy fix.

  184. Danny Rizk

    Hi there,

    I have a dell optiplox gx270 but it’s not booting up, when i plug it the power light on the board comes and the power in the power button blinks but does not boot up. Fan does not even turn.

  185. ani

    i havethe dell dimension 5150
    the orange light is still continuosly blinking and will not even turn off:S

  186. swiftpc

    Good page was about to bin a dell 5150 for the sake of a damaged front usb socket. should have checked that first stripped whole machine to check mother board first, excellent work up and running a treat. removed pins from socket so problem will not come back, when some one sticks something in the already broken socket.

  187. makethedoe

    GX270 NO BOOT UP. After making sure caps are good on mb and power supply is OK, pull heat sink w/ fan from cpu. Unclip pressure mechanism and pull out and reseat processor. Reclip pressure mechanism. Apply some heat sink compound to top of processor and reattach heat sink. Make sure after reassembling PC that ground screw on mb is secure and ground screw on rear of cabinet for power supply is secure. The PSs on both PCs that I was given to work on were not grounded.

  188. Jon

    For anyone else who is having similar issues, I have an Optiplex GX520 slim tower. I was getting an orange blinking light on startup. The computer would get all the way to the Ctrl +Alt +Del screen, and then would shut down and start the blinking orange light. I could not boot into Safe Mode, Last Known Good Config, or Normal Mode.

    After troubleshooting for a minute I was able to pin-point the issue, it was my ATI video card. Once removed the computer would boot up fine. I was able to swap the card with a spare that we had, and from that point forward I have had no further issues.

    Hope this helps someone. Thank you all for the outstanding feedback and information.


  189. Bockarie

    John Lamansky – I have similar problem (blinking orange power light) on dell optiplex 745. Where can I find the surge protector on the motherboard and how it resembles?


    • John Lamansky

      @Bockarie: A surge protector is a power strip you plug your computer into, not something on the motherboard. If you don’t have a surge protector, unplugging/replugging your computer from/into the outlet will have the same effect as turning off/on the surge protector.

  190. George

    thanx for the help

  191. jjutah

    what in the heck does a surge protector have to do with any of this

  192. mike

    the internet is heaven and you folks are gods.
    my dell gx620 would not power on. i got a faint blink from the yellow amber light as i pressed the power button and another faint blink a second or two later. i saw all the posts about shorting usb port problems and remembered one of the ports was not letting me insert the plug. i have 8 ports so i never checked it at the time. turns out one of the pins was pushing against the wall. i moved the pin from the wall and the pc fired right up.


  193. Jaybee

    I have a Compaq Presario PC Model No. SR5130NX. The little light just below the power switch on the front has suddenly gone on. It is usually flashing, but sometimes it just stays on with no flashing. Sometimes the flashing is steady, sometimes it is inconsistent. I turned the power strip off and then back on, but that didn’t help. I’ve rebooted a number of times, but that doesn’t help. Computer seems to be working okay, but I am concerned about that darn light. Can you help?

  194. Edwin

    kept blinking that orange light- just found out that usb pin was broken. after fixing the pin, everything back to normal.

  195. Cheri

    Hi, I’m a computer tech intern and I am trying to fix a Dell Optiplex GX620. The machine was not turning on at all, so my boss ordered me to replace the motherboard.

    I replaced the motherboard, and now I have the blinking orange light. The fans turn on, and that’s about it. All the connections inside are good. The power supply works, as do the memory sticks. All USB ports are fine. The hard drive is good as well.

    Could it be the processor? Please let me know!

    Thanks guys!
    -One Confused Intern

  196. Cheri

    FOUND MY SOLUTION. It was the processor. The motherboard I used was from a 755. So I replaced the GX620 processor with a 755. Booted right up!

    -One Happy Intern

  197. Joseph Fuoco

    Switch the power supply voltage setting switch in the back from 110 to 220 and then switch it back. Problem solved! 🙂

  198. Silje

    I have a Dell Dimension 5150 and then suddenly one day when i got home it started blinking amber where the power button is, I’ve tried to turn it off and on but it wont work. Two weeks before this happend my computer started suddenly turning off and on but now it’s only blinking amber and I don’t know what to do
    can it be the fan cuz it’s not working after i’ve tried to turn it on
    please help!

  199. MIGUEL

    you don’t know how to solve the yellow light in the power display in toshiba laptops where are the folowing model satellite a200- 1c3 and a200- 2c5
    please contact me.

  200. slimjim

    thanks guys bought a dell dimension 5150 for 30 euro wouldnt boot thought it was a bad psu so pluged mouse and keyboard in to the front usb ports and twiged it was a bent pin straightened it out and hay presto it booted and is running fine thanks

  201. Perry

    In my case it was the small circuit board in the front of the case that runs the power switch, front usb, and audio jacks. replacing it fixed it.

  202. Jim

    Just FYI,

    I have worked on hundreds of Dell’s and if you get an amber power led the easyest fix is to 1) unplug everything I mean everything. Dell systems store the last power state in the DMI part of the bios. After a short or surge the system will not boot unless it’s just the CPU, MEM, You’ll even need to pop out the BATT, so the bios will reset. Works everytime. Really not VID, HDD, FDD, USB, CD’s, KYB, Mouse, Fans, just CPU and MEM. Also unplug the power cord and give it like 5 Minutes to set. The plug er in and watch for the green light to come on for a sec then off, if that happens then your ready to roll. WARNING! do not run the system just press the power button and wait 2 or 3 secs for two(2) beeps and shut er down. Put everything back, Plug er in and TADA! 🙂

    • caleb

      thanks jim! your a real life saver i did everything and shazam it worked! ty sooooo much!!!!

    • Ken

      Hi I have a flashing amber light on my pc(Dell) I tried swapping out the power supply with a blue one but it doesn’t help, but do you have any other suggestions as to how I can solve this because I am not the best with computers.

    • tom

      I am following you advice for an amber light.
      I am confused about what to have pluged in when I restart my Dell. I have it ALL unpluged now, CPU & MEM boards included, also the battery is out. After waiting the 5 min do I plug in the CPU & MEM before pluging the power cord into the wall? When does the battery go back in? Are the other plugs reconnected after the green light appears? I am not a techy but need to solve the amber problem since I am out of warranty. Thanks for the help.

    • tom


      Thanks for the tip!
      I replaced both the power supply and motherboard. Not sure this was necessary but I had the parts so I did. Being a novice I wasn’t sure?

      Did your unplug thing and bingo the blue light shined and beeps sounded. Turned it off and plugged everything in and it ran perfectly.

      I will run it for a while before I claim victory?

      I got tired of not understanding these computers so when my daughters computer was hit with lightning and didn’t have any warranty I decided to give it a try.

      Nice to have people like you that are willing to share their knowledge.

      Tom in Pa!

    • Edward mcfuckery

      hey jym, i followed your directions exactly. only my memory sticks are in, my cpu, and the plug into the power supply. Removed or unplugged everything including the battery. But when i plug in the power cord to the psu, a steady amber light comes on and off. Any help?

    • john

      it doesnt wor plz help me by giving me some other methods to solve the problem

    • Ravin

      Hey Jim
      I have a Dell Dimension 3000, and the power light would stay on orange and the processor light would stay on green, after a little while, it turned off itself and i plugged everything out for like an hour and suddenly the orange/amber light kept flashing.
      So I took the wires out again and repeated that step and when I connected all the wires after 30 minutes , that amber light was still flashing
      What do I do?
      Please Reply ASAP

    • tw

      Hmm done what you asked… and it seemed soon as i plugged the power coard in it was back to the amber light without hitting the power button…??

    • Jack

      Jim, worked for me thanks a million. Didn’t really know what I was unplugging inside the box, but did just that unplugged everything and removed the quarter size battery. Then plugged in what I assumed wax the CPU plugged it in and then things stated to happen. Unplugged the power plugged everything back in and to my amazement it worked. Forgot to reset date and time but that was discovered before I did to much work. Thanks!!! B

    • Stephanie

      Okay, and if this is the twentieth time this has happened, and you’ve been doing this exact process for over a month now, do you have any advice? Or are all Dells just crappy?

  203. Dave

    I went away for a year only to return to the orange flashing light. The cause I think being the fact I didn’t have a surge protector attached to it for all that time and it must of been hit at some point.

    Using the above advice I replaced the motherboard battery and low and behold all is up and running. Boot it up, do everything I need to do, but after turning it off again, I can’t get it back – same orange blinker.

    Replace the battery with another new one, and back again. Now set up with a surge protector and everything so shouldn’t be a problem, everythings fine, until I turn it off and it’s all back to square one.

    Is there something wrong with my power supply that it is killing the battery everytime? Would I need to replace the whole power supply? I don’t really want to change that little CR2032 everytime I want to use the computer… Any suggestion?

  204. Nicole

    Thanks everyone, followed the suggestions, checked USBs, unplugged all devices, cards, memory, replaced battery, finally swapped power supply with another Dell in the house – ta da! All better. Cracked open the power supply – two bad capacitors.

    If you are not familiar with these terms – you may not be up to fixing the problem and should take it in to be repaired. Things like power supplies can be quite dangerous. I worked on computers for years and my husband is an electrical engineer or we would not have known how to get to this point with the computer.

  205. Matt Caney

    I have also have a Dell 8400 machine, I went away for a week and on my return – nothing – just dead. No lights. I had noticed previously that computer wouldnt come out of hibernation mode, so I had to reset, but adjusted the settings so it would not hibernate.

    I did have a few problems before with the ‘infamous high speed fan’ but always restarted the machine and all was well.

    I have looked for dodgy caps but they all look good, I have replaced the power supply, but now all I see now is the flashing amber light. This occurs whether the machine is connected to any power output and with or without any peripherals connected.

    Does anyone have an idea before I scrap the unit which has served me well for the last four years.

    Many thanks

    Matt Caney

    • rich d

      I found the problem, in my case, was that I cannot turn on the computer with the Epson NX300 plugged into the USB. It causes the BLINKING ORAGNGE ….. EVERY TIME !! When I unplug it, the computer starts just fine. I also had this problem with an HP I had and an Epson 4800. It seems that SOME USB plug-ins draw too much voltage for the computer to complete the boot process. Wierd problem …. but, I have solved it just by knowing this.

  206. Kim

    Vended USB pin! Worked like a magic after unbending it! Thank u for sharing the tip

  207. PATRICK

    SOLVED My XPS 420 was doing the amber blinking light and i replaced the power supply and still nothing. BUT after i unhooked the I/O cord for the front usb ports and the switch from the motherboard with the power plugged in it turned right on. Turns out one of my usb ports is broken in the front and one of the terminals was shorting out against the inside wall of the usb port. i just bent it back so it wasnt touching the inside wall of the usb port and BINGO it starts up fine. So if any of you have damaged front USB ports that could be your problem!

    • hooker

      wow– i was sure i was looking at a bad ps or mb, thought i would do one last search to see what might going on and saw your post. went and looked at all usb ports on my 9100 and sure enough one the of usb pins was bent. straightened it out and powered right up WOW! love it. thanks for posting!!!!!!!!

    • Bob

      Thank you Patrick! I found bent pins in my front (damaged) USB port. One was shorted – unbent it and bingo!
      Thanks again!

  208. Michael Jones

    Mine was even easier than that, I just reseated the 20pin connector on the motherboard on a Dell Optiplex GX80.

  209. George

    I have a dell e521, the orange light / thermal shutdown cmos message happens once a week.
    Taking out the battery, waiting for 15 minutes solves the problem, I just have to setup the bios.

    When it first occured I swapped the power supply – now i’m not sure if I spent the money wise..

    Any ideas? No usb bending, no leeking capacitors, it just stoppes.

  210. Jazzmode

    Thanks John for this wonderful website
    Thanks Jerther for mentioning the USB relationship with the Amber light flashing and Thanks Ian for a simplified post
    Mine was just the USB bent pins, thought I would have to pay zillions fixing my comp. but a read through on this page, a few straightened USB pins and Kaboom i have my pc back!
    I also still prefer Dell Desktops, they are worse products out there and Dell is highly durable, they can run for a week non-stop and still act like a high class computer

    Appreciated all!! 🙂

  211. Radi

    Thanks alot!

    My Dell Optiplex GX520’s power button was blinking orange and it didn’t work. I tried cleaning the dust and searching the web for an answer for an hour and then I finally found this. Turns out, like most people, one of my USB Pins was bent, so I made it straight and my computer worked again!

    Once again, thanks alot!


  212. Hassan

    hello, i installed new windows on my dell computer, and after the installation i saw a message on my Optiplex flat monitor GX 150 that “cannot display this video mode.
    What do i do?

  213. Jason Tanis

    I just fixed my blinking amber light problem!!! Woohoo. I had to replace the power supply, gx520 dell optiplex power supply off ebay used 27$. My computer went into permanent blinking amber when my son plugged the mouse usb connecter in one of the front ports(the broken tab port with the bent usb leads) Doing this in the past would power off the computer…this last time burnt up the power supply. I tested the old and new power supplies by taking small wire and connecting/shorting the green and black wires on the 24 pin mother board connector. Only the new power supplies fan would come on. The computer still did’nt work, so I disconnected then front I/0 usb little green board and the power supply and hard drive worked without that in the loop. Next I bent those little leads inside the usb port to straighten then out. Reconnected the I/0 usb little green board to the mother board and it fired right up. I still do get an error….like “drive 1 not connected” Oh well it works fine and man I cleaned a lot of dust out of that thing…..

  214. Matt Z

    I have a Dimension 9200/XPS 410 and had a blinky orange power light.

    I tried resetting UPS Power Surge… no luck
    I unplugged USB devices and unplugged/reseat Power…. no luck
    I ended up reseating the newly replaced CMOS battery, and switched the clear CMOS jumper, and held the Power button… Cleared the light after reseating power…. no luck on boot

    I ended up disassembling PSU, per:


    and noticed nothing bulding or bursting.

    Dusted it out with Canned air, and reassembled.. plugged it all back in… SUCCESS


  215. Heidi

    I was just about to start trying the list of things I’ve read about here to try to fix the blinking amber light on my computer (Dell Dimension) and went to sit down and it’s up and running! Yesterday, I tried turning it off and on several times, turning the surge protector off and on, and nothing. So, I turned it off overnight, turned it on this morning, saw the blinking light again and found this list. So, one more thing to try would be to turn it off overnight! Thankfully, it worked for me since I am completely computer illiterate-lol.

  216. Thanks so much for your post. After reading some pretty gruesome “power supply” and “replace mother board posts” recycling the power strip saved the day (LITERALLY….)

  217. allegria

    I had the same blinking amber light problem and found out that the front I/O board is bad. Zap a new one in and VOILA.

    Dell part # X8921 I believe.

  218. Charles

    i have a Dell Dimension, it automatically shut down, and when i tried to turn it on, a solid orange light appears. it tired doing some procedures that I’ve read here, but it does not work. What will I do? i hope you could answer my question. Thanks.


  219. Charles

    its Dell Dimension 3000. Thanks


  220. Louie

    Hi, I have a dell gx280 with the same problem, the orange power light is blinking I did everything but still the power light is still blinking until I get the power supply then switch the volts in 150 then there is a short circuit happened. Can I still used the power supply?

  221. adrian mitchell n

    What could be the problem with my dell pc it flashs orange nothing comes on and the light by the cmos battery lights orange ,i pulled out all the plugs and i reseated everything but its not the capacatitors either but i noticed the apc/power adaptor has brown sparked or burnt spots,could it be my power supply?

  222. via

    i have a problem with my dell inspiron mini. I plugged already the charger but still no lights appear. When i pressed the power on, an orange and white color blinks quickly. My notebook is new and used it often. It’s my first time to charge and this problem come up. I thought it just hibernated but nothing happens. Pls. Help me so that i can charge my notebook and use it to test our new router.

  223. MurGor

    To shesagordie,Johnc122,Bev and J. who recently wrote a response to the flashing power button. I recently write a response to this issue and resolved it with a new power supply. The original one was A 02, 300watt. system. The new one is 400 watts. The original system was over 5 years old and just got tired and had nothing to do with warrantee. Just like a car battery, its life is limited.
    I had the system checked by the GEEK squad from Best Buy and found that the original power supply had virtually no power left. Bought a new power supply to match up with the old one and had them install it and now the system runs perfectly.

    • Blackflagon

      Are you kidding me? Geek Squad told you that your original power supply had “virtually no power left”? OMG MurGor… they scammed you big time. Listen, a “Power Supply” does not supply power to the unit by itself. It is NOT a battery. A power supply simply regulates, corrects, and modifies your home’s electrical current to allow it to be used by a PC. Once again, the power supply (PSU) does NOT have a capacity of power in it that can be drained over time.

      LOL, these “tech support” jerks take people like you for a ride every day, and I’m sorry they did. Now, the fact that you needed a new PSU is irrefutable; it fixed your issue. But not because it “ran out of power” LOL. I can’t believe (or, rather, sadly I can believe) that these people scam others into thinking things like this. Most likely you had a bad PSU capacitor or some other internal component, not “virtually no power left”!

  224. Shiva

    PLease help!!

    I have a dell vostro A860, when I put my 4400mAh original battery and plug in the power supply the battery light blinks orange for some seconds and turn off. I also tried to charge a 5200mAH battery but the battery light illuminates blue for some seconds and switches off.

    Thank you very much

  225. debbie dalton

    Hi have a dell dimention 5100c .When i turn it on it loads up and runs good fro a bout 2 minutes and then the monitor goes blank with a yellow light but the coputer is still running. It will stay on in safe mode .

  226. Mike

    can newer used heat-sinks work on a older dell-3000 desktop computer because on my moms PC her heat-sink get really hot then well at first when i turn it on it only stays on for a few secs then goes on and off over an over and her heat-sink gets really hot & its a aluminum heat-sink and on my dell dimension 3000 it has a copper heat-sink and i have 2 newer dell computers and was wanting to use the part off them for my older dell and after i take the heat-sink off what kind of glue do i use for the bottom of the heat-sink or were could i buy it the glue.


  227. Aort

    As I was experiencing weird freeze issues on my Dell Dimension 9200 which is now 4 years old, and software apparently not being the issue, I made a last desperate try, changing the PSU from the original Dimension 9200 one (375W) to a new Silencer 500W (www.pcpower.com – Dell Compatible – the 9200 being in the compatibility list).
    The new PSU does not boot, and I have the orange blinking light (while the old one still boots). I checked all the above (Power Surge, USB ports, changed CMOS battery, unplugged all cards, HDDs, …) without success.
    Any other ideas ? The PSU is brand new, so I suppose it should work. How can I check that ?

  228. Dyce

    hey i am working with a Poweredge SC 1425, after coming into work after a weekend i noticed that the server would not give me a POST or any output when i powered it on.

    someone was meant to be fixing some hardware in it and i think the jumpers got moved around or something while it was going on. anyway i didnt bring a UBD or bootable USB into work today but are there any other suggestions? i have already D/Cd all the internal peripherals, taken out the battery etc…

  229. timothy

    had the same problem of amber lidhting
    one of the front usb pins were shorting the board

  230. Toseef Sam

    I also had the same problem that orange light was blinking, then after reading on this web page, i check front panel usb ports and i found that one pin was short/bent, I solved this problem. Thanks.

  231. Shellby

    Also had this problem – replaced CMOS battery and all is well.

    BTW if you don’t have a spare CMOS battery on hand, just remove the one on the board, it should still start up but will beep and then complain about missing battery, just hit F1 and it will load windows. Good way to test if its the CMOS issue or not for you if you don’t have a spare one laying around.

  232. justin time

    It can also be a dead board and effort and parts are not worth it….yank the drive and get a new more powerful unit for $400.

  233. ryan

    I did what Jim said above and it worked! The only problem I’m having now is the monitor won’t respond to the computer. i.e. The screen says “no signal”.
    Any suggestions?

  234. Abdus Salam

    I just change my Dell Dimension 8300 baterry… first it works fine… after a few minutes the screen became blank… and the pc just wont stop rebooting…. i was panic and i switch off my power supply… after i turned it back on, a flashing orange light appears at my power button….

    i dont know wat to do….
    anybody please help me 🙁

  235. Esther

    I have a a dell dimension e521, working perfectly until I tried to turn it on an hour ago… Now I am NOT in the slightest bit technical but the stuff you’ve said above seems to match my problem, computer boots up, all lights look fine on tower and fans are working but screen won’t turn on (usualy turns on automatically when turning base on). Instead it has orange light. When I press button on screen it goes briefly green then back to orange… It sounds like I need to disconnect everything and plug back in but I’m clueless – PLEASE HELP! 😀
    If you could please talk me through what to do, in the plainest, simplest possible way I would be SO grateful!

  236. nato

    initially, select ‘shut down’ on screen, or press power off button and screen blanked, processor stopped but power button remained white (blue) and fan kept running (also had power indicated at rear led). next, typical ‘orange blinking power button light’. pulled CMOS battery for 10 minutes and all is well. (assume we had an electrical surge that got thru my protector and had to clear BIOS power settings).

    nice forum here. very helpful. thanks.

  237. Rolando

    Check those front USB ports! Had 2 Precision 390’s. Same issue. Wouldn’t start. Flashing orange power light. USB plastic tab had been pulled out and pins were exposed and bent causing short. Straightened them out and good to go. No need for a new I/O board.

  238. asif hanif

    thankxxxxxxxx dude

  239. James

    A have this solid orange light and fan stays on, i tried the unplugging and no respond.

  240. john

    oh jim that doesnt worke ?
    plz help me for the umber light on my optiplux 755

  241. Tommytriger

    Same flashing A lock light, reseating memory worked for me.

  242. TP Verma

    I am having dell studio 1450 laptop. The battery is now no more charging from charger. When I plug charger and press power button there are 4 amber light following 1 white light light flashing but laptop not powering on. May be due to dead charge in battery. But when I removed battery and plug charger it working fine, but there is no any light flash(status indicator). I shown my laptop to 2-3 local laptop repair technicians. They all have different views, one said this is failure of motherboard need to replace motherboard, another said that battery charging circuit failure. And one another said that battery needs to be replaced no problem in motherboard. I am not having any spare battery to check. May be I have to purchase new one and check is this battery problem or motherboard. Could you help me in this problem.

  243. Patrick

    The unplug method worked a few months ago on a Dell Precision 390. But I have the same problem on another 390 and had to replace the front I/O panel and now it comes up with an error upon boot ‘Air temperature sensor not Detected’ Don’t know if I have a bad I/O board or I hurt something doing all the unplugging before hand.
    Does any one know where the ‘Air temperature sensor is’ ?

  244. Mehmood

    (dell)humm why problem this machine problem any machine work so good but orange light whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy plz sole and how can doo this Rea place connector and open power supply Another power supply connect but same condition same work

  245. Gustavo

    In my case, the amber light was because the HD was damaged, trying with another one showed a green light again.
    Thank you.

  246. Billy

    This is great post I had amber blinking fast power light and it was a USB front port. I fixed the pins so they would not ground out and Bam all working now. Thanks for these post.

  247. In my case it is exactly (happens on my old DELL Latitude C810 since yesterday):

    Q What does it mean when I push the button on the battery to determine the amount of charge, and alternating LED lights flash?
    A This is an indication that the battery is not working properly. The battery should be replaced.

    When I remove one of the batteries everything seems to be OK again. Also the button on the battery itself indicates the error described at FAQ37 mentioned above.

  248. Ed

    .Thanx to all the suggestions on this thread
    I have a Dell XPS 720. Before I left the house I stared my antivirus
    program. When I got back a few hrs later the pc was still on. Antivirus seemed
    to be stuck. I tried to cancel ..no luck. Restart on the pc got stuck. I then
    powered down the pc by power button and then turned back on……….amber flashing
    light. I tried most of the suggestions..no luck. I put in a new 3V battery everything
    back to normal. As others have said ” TRY THE SIMPLE THINGS FIRST !!!”
    Back to fragging.

  249. Allison

    Hey! Thanks for the info. I unplugged the computer from the power source for about a minute and then plugged it back in. Voila! Good as new. 🙂

  250. barb

    My Dell C521 tower has a slow flashing amber light. After a few minutes the blinking amber light is gone. It will not boot up. When I push the power button, I see an amber light in one of the two usb ports in the front of the machine. Is this important? or is it just a reflection from the internal amber light? Tried to unplug everything, waited 20 minutes and did not work. (Did not remove battery) Don’t know where that is. Could someone walk me through checking to see if one of the pins is bent? Do I need to remove the cover or is it obvious when you look? Thanks for your help!

  251. Thank you for the tip about the bent USB pin ! I checked the two front USB ports and sure enough, one of them was bent. Straightened it out and EUREKA! we have boot up again!! I was getting ready to drop $900 for a new computer, but now my Dimension 5100 has a little more life left. My wife was hoping this meant we were upgrading to a new PC, but alas, not yet. That’s OK. The budget wasn’t quite ready for it anyway. We’ll have our upgrade soon enough.

    • JOHN


      • Bernie the Veteran

        Thank you Bob & John!
        My friend dropped of hic computer and whenI saw USB, sure enough both front usb plugs were jacked up. I had the tools to straighten the pins and put the usb’s on order tomorrow

  252. kilomilo

    thanks man you are a saver

  253. Randy

    I have a Dell Dimension E310. A while back ai went to turn it on and, nothing. The amber light by the battery is on but I have no other lights anywhere, no beeps, nothing. It just will not turn on. I’ve tried replacing the power supply and still nothing. I’ve also tried everything short of replacing the processor as was recommended by the Dell website. Any ideas or suggestions?

  254. tcs

    I’ve been dealing with this blinking amber light issue for the past 5 hrs.

    Did everything within this thread… then read “Jim’s” mssg about the cmos battery.

    That did it — I got lights other than amber… but now I have that BLUE screen … and i’m stuck.

    A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

    If this is the first time you’ve seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

    Any ideas??

    I found my Dell Diagnostic disk, and i’m walking thru that… but i have no idea if this will work or not. I can not recall 6 yrs ago to see if i did a boot disk… i highly doubt it.

  255. Ale

    I had the flashing amber and the smell of electrical components burning. I immediately assumed the power supply and purchased a new one from Dell. After installing it, the amber still flashed. After finding this thread, I looked and found a bad USB port. It had bent pins and the tab that holds the pins was gone. I straightened the pins so they wouldn’t ground out, but still the amber flashed. I unplugged all USB attachments, still the same. I removed the video card from the AGP slot…there was the culprit. As soon as that was out, the Dell 5100 booted up. I installed the original video card that came with the machine and we are back in business.

  256. moomooland

    i found a broken USB cable caused a problem,many thanks to the many people who contributed to this thread.

  257. Kalin

    My dad came home with a Dell Dimension 4600c. The orange/yellow light on the MB stays solid, doesn’t blink. The power light on the front blinks. I am going to try changing the cmos battery, and have already looked at the USB’s (no problem) and changed where I plug the computer into the wall. If changing battery doesn’t work, I’ll get a new power supply.

  258. Kalin

    Whoa! I unplugged everything except for the hard drive and IO board. When I pressed the power button, there was a VERY high, loud, squeaking sound and…*sniff* “What in the world is that smell”!? I looked over at the power supply, and POURING out of it was the smoothest, nastiest-smelling smoke I’d ever encountered.
    Power Supply – 1
    Well, now I’ll HAVE to get a new one.

  259. Madandaulo

    Hey bloggers thanx for your valuable advice, My I was about to get a New PSU for my DELL OPTIPLEX 750. After reading all your posts just discovered it was a problem with one of my usb ports…

  260. A Johnson

    I have dell dimension 5150 which use to work fine and now i am having problem. Any time I switch it on, it will give me an error screen and it will switch itself off. Please can some one help ?

  261. Matt

    Thank you so much for the USB idea. I unplugged all USB’s and it shut down. After rebooting, I plugged everything in and the system is working fine.

    Thanks, again.


  262. Kain

    Here is my issue. Hopefully, someone here can provide advice for me.

    My laptop computer is working fine, except that the power light is flashing orange and it’s annoying. When-

    Hmmmmkay….as I write this messsage, the orange light suddently stopped…you guys are awesome…lol…im laughing big time right now….that’s the best computer fix I’ve ever seen !

    For the records, my situation was that the light was flashing orange all the time, it started doing it today, but the computer was still working well. Unplugging the power cord would stop the light from flashing (when the computer is on battery). I tried plugging the power cord directly in the wall (not to the powerbar), it didnt change anything…and i tried with another power cord (i have another Dell portable computer here), it didnt fix the problem either.

    But apparantly, now it is fixed. Thanks to you guys of course ! =)

  263. alexrota1970

    The same happened to me (Optiplex 320).
    Removed the two RAM modules: nothing changed!
    Replaced PSU: nothing changed!
    Disconnected all peripherals: nothing changed!
    …then I disconnected and reconnected the front panel connector on the motherboard and eureka, the PC was alive again!

    BYE BYE!

  264. Umair

    I have Dell gx620 .When I turn it on, the lights 1 2 3 4 which usually turn on first in green colour are not turninig on. When I press power button a solid amber lights turns on with nothing on monitor. What should I do? please anyone reply quickly

  265. Dave

    Help! Well I’m stumped and hope someone can help me out. I have a Dell XPS 420 that was starting to give me trouble. The PSU fan was failing (rattled a lot and one day stopped spinning? shortly there after the video would stop displaying within a couple minutes of starting the system. So I just purchased a new PSU, installed it and the system seems to be OK except the PSU fan in the new PSU is also not spinning. Help Any ideas??

  266. Rod

    I have a Dell computer it’s a Optiplex GX520. When try to cut the computer on the orange light will come on. It want be blinking it will just come on and stay an a solid orange color and nothing will be showing on the monitor. The monitor will also have a orange light showing on it as well. What does this mean.

  267. michael

    same issue with dell optiplex tower. my solution was replacing the power supply. i did however troubleshoot it down to that by checking the voltage on the CMOS battery, inspecting all USB ports for damage, checking the motherboard for darkened or discolored areas, ensuring there were no pinched cables (shorts). I ensured that everything was plugged in correctly inspecting everything with fine tooth comb ensuring that everything appeared in working order before i applied a new psu to make sure that it wasnt something that cause the PSU to go out and would potentially cause the new one to have the same fate. After installing new psu and powering up everything works fine.

  268. Amanda

    Can anyone help me? My Dell Dimension 9150 will not boot up. All I get is an orange blinking light from the tower and the number 2 is lit on the tower as well. Does anyone know what that means and how to fix it? Thanks!

  269. Matt

    Mine had the error. For awhile, I removed all of the USB connections (saw it online somewhere) and that would work. After a hurricane Sandy blew through even that didn’t work. I took it to Best Buy and they suggested buying a new power source.

    I can say that has fixed the problem.

  270. Dave

    I have an Dell OP745. Could not boot, no power except power button flashing amber every 3 seconds. No numbers lit. I troubleshooted everything and was ready to order a new MB until I ran across this thread. One of the front USB ports had the pins bent and were touching each other. Bent the pins straight, taped it off, and I’m good to go.

  271. Evans

    Thanks guys I have toiled with this amber blinking Power Switch 18hours now. I have applied almost all suggestions herein above contained. I will still do until I get to Eureka. It seems even Dell is hell on this problem and its all left to try and err by users themselves! Unfortunate. Anyway this User experience knowledge base is so invaluable.

  272. jack

    On my 9150 the power light would blink orange and #2 lit. Would do that for about 45 seconds to a minute then it would boot up..
    The problem was my monitor was no good…

  273. eddy

    my dell mother board only lights orange instead of showing a green light at power light, makes beeps,when i tried changing RAM and processor,power supply still the problem persisted,should i try changing capacitors

  274. Eduardo

    Greatings i have an old poweredge 800 with a unusual error, sometines when i have to shutdown it down and unplugged from power source, the server dont start, no lights, no sounds, it seems like a power source issue however, i changed it and still the same error, no lights, no sounds, i have to leave it unplugged for hours or days and then it works whitout failure, i suposed is and MB issue, but there is no signs of damage on it. Anyone knows what could be?? thank you.

  275. Raze

    I have been battling with this amber light for about a month now and I have been looking for some good advice around. I even called the Dell tech support( a complete waste of my time). I tried every single advice but not any of the ones where I have to open my laptop. You see my battery on my laptop won’t hold any charge for about a year now so my laptop has always been plugged in. I had thought, maybe the power supply has gone bad already but Dell replaced this a a year or two ago after i bought my computer. So here’s what stopped the annoying blinking……take the battery out and the blinking stopped! I’m a happy camper:)

  276. Clifford

    Great worked, the UPS was connected to an extension that is connected to the wall plug. I connected the machine to the wall outlet directly and bingo it is on. i swapped the whole connection by connecting the UPS to the wall outlet and then the extension to the UPS. It worked fine. Thank you a million times

  277. Patrick Crotty

    My thanks to, John. I found your solution fixed my blinking orange light/ dormant Dell 5150c. The only oddity I found was that I tried it unsuccessfully before disconnecting and reconnecting the power-to-motherboard cable a third time before the PC restarted. Perhaps there’s some sort of capacitor holding a charge which has to leak away before the fix takes effect?
    Thanks again

  278. I have a dell window7 that won’t boot up and it has this flashing orange light wen I plug on the power I remember the time I lost the speakers sound because of the usb modem but was long time ago how did you know about MyPCbackup because I did install it too think that could be the cause of the orange flashing light

  279. Ben

    my dell e551 monitor blinking yellow when i power on any help

  280. Ashford

    my dell optiplex 210 have an orange blinking light whenever I switch it on. I have been dealing with this problem for the past one week now. I have tried all your suggestions but to no avail. I don’t even know what to do again

  281. getnet teklie

    my computer is dell Optiplex 780.its power lights yellow and black screen.how will I fix the problem?

  282. abdi

    my computer gx620 solid ligth only .i checked the USb port.it is bent.i repaired it .but still no solution.how i repaired it please.

  283. Lou

    I had the problem on my HP Pavilion Slimline series, Model S5-1120. From reading the posts here and also at the HP site


    I surmised a dust problem. Took the side panel off my HP and didn’t notice much dust, but got a vacuum and a nozzle with a brushes on the end and ran around the inside. Powered back up and same problem. Upon closer inspection, I noticed on the fins of the heat sink mounted above the CPU (with a fan on top of it, about 80% of the fins had a fine coating of dust. Took the fan off by unclipping the shroud around it and undoing the 4 screws, and went to work with the nozzle with brushes. Then undid the 4 wire connector powering the fan, removed it and vacuumed it thoroughly as dust was on the unseen lower edge of the blades. Powered back up and all is well.

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