How to Insert a Checkmark in Microsoft Word

Even for a seasoned Word expert, inserting a checkmark is not an intuitive task. Thankfully it’s not difficult once you get the hang of it.

Just follow the instructions for your version of Word, and you’ll never need to use a square root symbol again.

Word 2010 / Word 2007

  1. Click the “Insert” tab on the Ribbon, click “Symbol” on the right, then click “More Symbols”

  2. Click the “Font” dropdown, scroll to the bottom, and click on “Wingdings”

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the characters list, click the checkmark, and click “Insert”

Word 2003

  1. Click the “Insert” menu, then click “Symbol” (if you don’t see “Symbol” but you see an arrow button at the bottom of the menu, click the arrow button)

  2. Click the “Font” dropdown, scroll to the bottom, and click on “Wingdings”

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the characters list, click the checkmark, and click “Insert”

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  1. Jim

    JUst wondering why some verions of MS Outlook 2003 allow or have the ability to do an “Insert, Symbol” and some do not. My version which is updated via MS doesn’t have a “Symbol” with the pull down under “Insert”. If I enable MS Word to be my email editor, then I have the ability to “Insert, Symbol”. If you have any further info I would certainly appreciate it.



  2. Jim,

    The “Insert, Symbol” command is part of the Microsoft Word menu system.

    When you have Word enabled as your email composition application, you get the Word menu. When you don’t have the Word composer enabled, you get the less-functional Outlook menu system.

    When you have Word enabled as your editor, you can use the steps above. When you have Outlook enabled, you can still insert checkmarks and other symbols, but you’ll need to use the Windows Character Map instead:

    1. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map (or Start > Programs > Accessories > Character Map, or something similar, depending on your version of Windows)

    2. From the Font dropdown, select Wingdings.

    3. Click the symbol you want (checkmarks are at the bottom of the list).

    4. Click Select, then click Copy.

    5. Close the Character Map window.

    6. In your email composition window, click Edit > Paste.

    You can use the Windows Character Map to insert checkmarks and other symbols in almost any application that accepts text.

  3. Therese Mendez

    Thank you so very much. I looked for this checkmark for 20 minutes! I appreciate your help!

  4. Carol Gruszka

    GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Meg

    Thank you SO much!

  6. Laura

    This tip was very helpful. I am working in Word 2007 and it is not an easy process to transition to it. So thank you!

  7. Kim Drynan

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  8. Pablo Llanos

    Does Ms Word has the capability to make the checkmarks in a On / Off box? I mean to show the checkmark after clicking on the box.

  9. Elisa

    Works great! I don’t have to use the square root symbol anymore. Thank you!

  10. izzy

    Thanks a lot! I searched “check mark in word” on the internet not expecting to any results, and I found this! Thanks for posting it!

  11. MASOUD

    THank you so much. I loooked for this character more than 30 min !!.

  12. Parul

    thanks a lot…. i hav wasted so mch of time on searching this……

  13. wilson bragais

    Thank you so much. All this time i am using the square root sign in replacement for the check mark symbol. There is really a check mark symbol in MS Word.

  14. Mini

    Thank you. Yuor post was the only one that actually helped.

  15. Nicole

    Thanks for these easy to follow instructions.

  16. frederick

    Thanks a lot for this very beneficial info!!!been searching for all the possible ascii codes for the symbols that i needed but i was streamed with wrong infos…only your post helped and i am so thankful for u finally put an end to this AGONY!!!! 🙂 kudos!!!

  17. Andy

    Very helpful. By inserting in Word, it can also be copied to Excel, which is what I needed. Thanks.

  18. Mary Jo Koranda

    Thanks. I also just spent 20 minutes looking for the check mark. I hate Word. Maybe there is a support group for me.

  19. Ebenezer

    Can you give me the keyboard shortcut for the Checkmark?

    • Karu

      1.Keypad on NumLock.
      2a)The numerical keypad must be used.

      There should be a checkmark looking like the square root symbol. A shortcut can also be created for the Insert method.

  20. Mary

    Thank you. Very helpful. Easy to follow instructions.

  21. Marilyn Harader

    How do I create a box, then how do I go back and put a X inside the box?

  22. Angie

    Great!I knew I would find it online. Thank you!

  23. cmunoz

    This is very nice.

    Can you tell me how to keep the check box in the line of text when I copy and paste in Microsoft Word 2010? When I copy/paste, the check box shows up as a pair of boxes with question marks in them. This did not happen in Word 2007. The result is the same when I use the checkbox character by choosing from the Symbol dropdown box, or when I change format to Wingdings 2 and insert it as text, and change the format back to Calibri for the words.

  24. Paul Leska

    Dude you rock! Easy to follow and I got what I wanted immeadiately in a clear message easy to follow format. Well, to tell the truth, I got more that was of value to me. Blessings to you.

  25. J

    Thanks a lot! It did complete my work!

  26. 'Shoe

    HOwdy, Folks…

    I’ve used WIN2K for years and just recently “upgraded” to XP (yes, I’m still behind the times, eh?). HOwever, when using Word on my older computer I could quickly insert a check mark by just hitting the Page Down key. I loved it! However, I find in XP I don’t have that choice.

    Is there some way to create a macro so that I can have that feature again with XP? It was SO much more convenient than what has been given above. And yes, great advice and guidance above and I’m very grateful!

    Any advice or words of encouragement are welcome.

    Nice site, by the way. What a source of good info and good people participating.

    Best to all,

    • Joel


      Try assigning a key combo. It may depend on the version of Word and Windows you are running, but here’s what worked for me on Win 7 and Word 2010, to which my work recently “upgraded”:

      Follow John’s instructions, then once you have the check mark selected in the Symbol box and before you insert or close:

      You should (well, you might, depending on the version) see a button toward the bottom of the box labeled “Shortcut Key…”

      Click that, and the Customize Keyboard box will pop up, and you can assign any key combo you’d like for that character. You want to be a little careful not to overwrite an existing combo that you use or might use in the future.

      Hope that helps. It worked for me once I found it in Win 7 / Word 2010, and it saved me from throwing my computer against the nearest wall.

      • 'Shoe

        Fantastic! Thanks, Joel! And thanks to John, also. I’m grateful!
        And it works just like it did in Win2K. I chose to use the Page Down button and it keeps me from having to do a combo format. And now worries on taking away the Page Down feature when viewing a website, it still works for that.

        Again, big time thanks!

      • Helen

        Thanks for your response. I have Windows Vista, Word 2007 (.docx)

        I am familiar with symbols and use them quite frequently.

        However, I was not clear in my question.

        What I meant was a “radio button” that you can check, or uncheck, by clicking on it. For instance while doing a survey, completing an on-line form, or answering a multiple choice test where you have to click the answer.

        I succeeded inserting such a radio button into a Word document (Vista, docx.), but once I clicked on it, I could not deselect (unclick) it. The only option was close the document without saving.

        Thanks again.

  27. lena

    John, I think someone previously wanted to know how to insert a radio button, either a square one, or a round one, into a word document.

    Like the one I just checked on your website to “Notify me of followup comments”.

    I would also like to know how to insert a radio button into a Word document 2007 – Vista.


  28. Joel

    You know how you do this on a Mac?

    Type Option + v. One step, easily accessed from the keyboard. (Macs have an Option key on the bottom row next to the Ctrl key. Hold that down, press V (lowercase).) Works in any program.

    I use check marks ALL THE TIME. And now I’m stuck using Word for Windows at work.

    Luckily, you can assign a key combo to that font/character in the Insert Symbol box. So I’ve assigned Alt+V to that character. Of course that means I can no longer access the View tab (in Word 2010) from the keyboard. Unbelievable.

    Otherwise, every single time I wanted to insert a check mark, I would have to:

    1) Take my fingers off the keyboard and switch to the mouse,
    2) Move the mouse cursor to the Insert tab on the ribbon,
    3) Choose More Symbols… from the Symbol drop-down menu,
    4) Find the Wingdings font in the font list,
    4) Scroll to the bottom of that list,
    5) Click on the checkmark to insert it,
    6) Close the box, and
    7) Return to typing.

    Ergonomic… not.

  29. mohanapriya

    hello …..thank u so much………….. this page is more help full for me! thank u so much

  30. touchdown

    Why does this not work in Notepad?

    • Notepad only supports one font at a time (Format > Font). Either everything has to be in Wingdings or nothing can be in Wingdings. So you can’t insert a single Wingdings character (the checkmark) into Notepad.

  31. Nitin

    Thanks it helped me.

  32. Robin

    Thank you for posting this!! It saved the day!

  33. Lois

    Thank You! This was helpful when filling boxes on a job application.

  34. Beth

    Also helpful: you can create a Shortcut key for this symbol so you don’t have to go through all the motions each time. I did Alt+C (for “checkmark”) as my shortcut key so that any time I need a check mark, I can just use the keyboard to quickly put it in. Under the “Insert Symbol” field, click “Create Shortcut”, put what you would like as a shortcut into the field, and click “Assign.”

  35. Anthony from Bermuda

    It is amazing how something so simple is not more easily accessible in MSWord. Thanks to all who posted. My work will now look more professional.

  36. Briee Vire

    & If you actually need one here it is —> ✔

  37. Alli Vali

    Awesome tip that saved me lots of fooling around. Love Beth’s tip as well.

  38. Mary Grace

    I would have never known to go to a different font. Thank you!

  39. Shantanu Nafrey

    Thank you very much. Your explanation was the easiest to follow. Even Microsofts own Help menu was confusing !
    While writing to you I suddenly remembered that some time ago there was a font/effect called ‘Red Ant’ in excel. It would give a continuous movement of a ‘dash’ around the word. I don’t find it in the new Excel or MSWord. Is it still there somewhere? Pleased to hear.

    • The “Red Ant” effect doesn’t exist in newer versions of Office. However, Word 2010 does support “Text Effects” instead. (Look on the Home tab of the Ribbon, under the Font section.)

  40. Shantanu Nafrey

    Thanks vm John !

  41. Eileen

    Thanks for the help. Just what I needed

  42. Jenn

    perfect random tip helped me insert a checkmark :)Thanks!!!

  43. John

    Thanks men, this really helps 🙂

  44. SSR

    Thanks so much! This worked for MS Outlook emails, as well!

  45. Nasrullah

    Type 2713 or 3714 and then press ALT+X (visit the link,

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