Which Kindle Has a Color Display?

Perhaps you’ve seen a Kindle with a color display but didn’t know what it was called. What you likely saw is known as a Kindle Fire. Right now it is Amazon’s only Kindle with a color screen.

Kindle Fire has a 7-inch multi-touch color display. In addition to letting you read books and magazines like regular Kindles, the Kindle Fire also supports music, movies, and TV episodes. It also includes a full-fledged Internet browser, lets you read documents on-the-go, and can run Android apps from Amazon’s Appstore.

Kindle Fire is widely considered an alternative to the Nook Color and the iPad. Kindle Fire is comparable in price to the Nook Color; and at only $199, the Kindle Fire is much cheaper than the iPad (which starts at $499) but provides most of the functionality that the iPad does.

If you’re looking for a Kindle with color display, Kindle Fire is what you want.

Kindle Fire: $199


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