Make 3D Computer Games with Visual Studio

Who knew you could make games with Visual Studio? MSDN’s Coding4Fun site has an entire section devoted to Game Development!

Until I saw this, I was under the impression that game development could only be achieved using C++ or a “beginning game programmer language” such as Dark Basic.

Looks like I was wrong! If I decide to get into computer game development again, I’ll definitely consider using Visual Basic or Visual C# as a balance between the power of C++ and the ease of use of Dark Basic.

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  1. I want to start learning how to program this summer. I am 41 and I want to do some of it with my 10 yr old daughter. I don’t have any money to spend on it so it would either have to be the MS free stuff or open source. What do you recommend?

    • Visual Basic 2010 is a fine language for writing some mid or lightweight games. I have a game I have written in visual basic that has a 5000×5000 tile map with trees and buildings draw over the background tiles. you can scroll around the map and harvest resources and build structures. I haven’t added creatures yet but it runs excellent. and that is with a large bitmap with transparencies rendering and resizing as a radarmap too. It’s all been written in 2010 express. If you plan on making a career of it you may want to at least look into VC but VB might be better for a project with your daughter.

      I even have a quick little game i wipped up in a few hours that’s kindaof collapse blast like downloadable from the download links in my forum. I figured I’d toss a few little free apps up in there. VB is very easy.

  2. It depends on what kind of programming you want to do. There are many different areas:

    Windows application programming (writing desktop programs) – Examples: Microsoft Word, iTunes

    Game programming (making computer games) – This is probably the most difficult area of programming, as it involves aspects such as physics, AI, 3D modeling, and sound effects.

    Client-side web development – Making and designing websites

    Server-side web development – This involves making web software, such as the software that powers the DwM site. Other examples: phpBB, WordPress

    Just let me know what area(s) you’re interested in, and I’ll give you a list of good starter languages to work on.

  3. Spelling miskake :D

    definately != definitely

  4. Thanks :-)

    If only WordPress had a spellchecker…

  5. ....

    i need help!!!! i need to make a 3-D character in the computer!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  6. To the ellipsis person: I’d suggest you try Gamespace Light at

  7. Crusher

    Hi guys i am first year of FAX and need help i am very bad in Visual Studio 2005 (c++ program)so need good web for beginer(making first program(explaing how to do) )????pls…………..pls………..pls……………

  8. josiah

    well im 9 years old and my other friends want to make 3-d computer games like so i was wonderin could you help me on that???:)

  9. josiah

    oh and by the way, my friends and me want to have a website and we need to know how to make one. so can you plzz help me on both things :)

  10. KMD

    How do you make a computer game?

  11. HerbanSoja671

    I Would like to start making games can you help me out?

  12. HOw do you make a game

  13. mark

    i want to make my dream pc game

  14. hi i am amit,from india

    i am a student of computer engg.
    i want to create 3d multiplayer game like counter strike

    and also action game like half life series
    i have no experiance in this field please help me out….

  15. Wizard of Winter

    Game programming is EXTREMLY difficult. A lot of college courses provide the required programs (some costing up to $3,500 or more!) or if ur lucky u might be able to spot free trials on the internet. (beware of scams!)

    for the most part i’d advise you buy a book on computer programming (in the language you want, for most of you video games) and learn from it. try to find a teacher of programming to help you as well.

    (P.S, sorry but i’m stuck just the same as you guys!)

    • You will need a ton of art, miles of code and music compositions and scores. you have to develop multiple engines such as a graphics engine, tech trees inventory managers and all the other interesting aspects of the game.

      Here is my advice, don’t spend your whole day dreaming about writing a “perfect” video game that’s better than World of Warcraft or rune scape or even ultima online. These games were produced by teams of over a hundred people sometimes if not hundreds. Musicians, artists, programmers, story writers.

      Start simple and learn the ins and outs of drawing to the screen.

      remake a few classics to get the hang of the code if thats what you like about it. or if you hate programming and like art DO ART, or music or story line. do the part you like and get help with the parts that you dont.

      Can a solo guy in his garage still make a gaming hit? sure, if he can do art, code, music, story, marketing, and time management like you wouldn’t believe.

  16. .xe

    uhh guys can help me uhh i and my friends we kinda want to make a game (for your info were 10)so can help?uhhh were gonna use visual c++ 2005 for your info again


    Well a guy a couple of responses up said he wanted to make a website there are various ways you can do this.

    *CSS (cascading style sheets)
    *Html (hypertext markup language)

    There are good tutorials on this at
    also other good programming language tutuorials there aswell…

    Your friendly neighbour hood coder.

  18. Sukadatknows

    Ok for all of you who want to know how to make a game, learn the language of programing first…..and if your mind is up to it (9 year old) then you will fully learn it by yourself in about 5 years.

  19. Sukadatknows

    And also you can use Java Script but that is really really really hard. And the 9 year old dude, java script was used to make that lame excuse of a game runescape.

  20. aidan

    for game programming i would use game maker as it is so simple to learn and for the payed version you can make some very good games

  21. jules

    For everyone who knows how to do a CHeckers game in Visual studio? Please reply here. Tnx

  22. clem

    pls i’d lyk 2 create 3d games using visual basic also i’d lyk 2 learn hw 2 use d oracle programme (am bad in programmin lang.). Whats d latest in d games creation world? Thanx

  23. It’s funny how adults were having distinguished conversation when a kid comes in asking how to make a game like runescape…. then this board was overrun with kids!

  24. Ozzy

    guys if you want to learn how to make pc games the easiest way is to get 4 GCSE grades c+ (preferable English and maths). Wait till your 16 go to college and study in a course called game programming. like im doing and then join a company and get a job. :)

  25. Hi,
    I need to know how to create 3d multiplayer games for Windows………..
    And i want it to be FREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Jazz

    Hey guys specially the techy ones.,…no body told a good explantion how to make a game…. Just boasting tigers….

  27. Alonso

    Game programming is more complex as said before it requires a lot of input. You can write your first game in Flash as you will get lot of support and free tutorial in youtube . You can try Game maker also.

    Once you finish with flash, try 2d advance gaming either c++ or visual studio but will require mathematical skill

    About 3d gaming. hmm I know it takes hours to design a 3d object in 3d software now to animate them with a good script. I think its not for newbie.

    Game developers have engine which they reuse for developing games and this greatly reduce their development time. can anybody tell us more about game engine?

  28. george

    Hi can anyone help write a simple guessing using visual studio?

  29. shone42

    Well, guys if you really want to create a game you just need to learn the lang’ that you’re going to create the game with , Then just drop whatever you’ve learned into the script and use your imagination, thats it.
    (P.S,you have to learn other coding lang’s if you want to create a good well advanced game.)

  30. Joe

    hi all,
    I have taken an assignment for creating a simple game. But i am stuck at creating an computer player as i dont understand which lang shld i use and how should i create also i hav zero experience in Gaming field.
    Note : I hav devlopd Design in WPF while i m tryin to write Player logic in F#
    Kindly Help me…… :(

  31. I wannna create a 3D game with game maker 8 but i don’t know how to go to 3D mode. I know code to go to 3D mode but I don’t know where to put the code. Please tell me!Please!!!please!!!please!!!

  32. RP

    Creating a 3D game requires programming experience. I’ve been doing this for a few years mostly as an indie/freelance developer. Bottom line, you need to know C++ but that doesn’t mean you have to write your own 3D engine (first real polygonal 3D engine created by ID Software had more than 2 milion lines of code and was used in the Quake game).

    These engines are libraries which you can use/access in your code in order to achieve what you want in your game, but still, to use these engines, you need to know C++ (mostly, depends on the engine) and what’s more important, you need to understand the whole concept of 3D games. You need to know how to get a 3D model inside your game. Just having the model created in 3DSmax or other 3D modeling software is really not enough. Most engines require specific DirectX formats so your model has to be converted many times and when it also contains animation frames, it gets pretty rough. If you have to take care of graphics and coding both, you’re lost… don’t even start unless you want to create a ping pong 3D game.

    Titles such as Half Life 2, Unreal, etc. are using the best 3D engines available developed and improved over the years by many people and even when a new title is released that only uses an engine and the code for it is somehow small compared to the actual 3D engine, you still have a team of people working on it.

    In conclusion, “can” we create 3D games using Visual Studio? Yes, if you know 3d modeling, animation, have a general background in 3D gaming and have been using Visual Studio for a while. Just don’t forget the graphics… today’s games are quite impressive and the people working on the characters, 3d objects, levels, etc. are real artists.

  33. Death Angel

    yo!! what up?
    If you want to make 3D Games,try using the 3D gamestudio (A5/6/7/8),Unity 3D,3D Rad or Platinum Art Sandbox Free 3D game maker…hope this helps…
    And another thing,I’m looking for a game making group..reply and add me on facebook -Danish Dentz

  34. MuadDib

    I just wanted to add that if you want to create a 3D game, I would recommend first mastering a language. I have been programming for about 7 years now and started when I was about 8 years old. If you want to master a programming language in a few years, I recommend you spend at least 2 hours every day practicing and enhancing your skills.

  35. VB/C#

    To make a game you will need to resolve these problems:

    * Graphics
    * The program
    * Multiplayer
    * (Optional) Website

    I suggest to use 3DS MAX to make 3D/2D Graphics. For 2D Graphics you can use also Microsoft Paint, CorelDraw etc.

    Import 3DS MAX files

    The program
    I suggest to use Visual Basic 2010. If you want to use a more advanced programming language I suggest C#. You can also use Game Maker but you won’t use 3DS Max Graphics.
    To Learn VB/C# I suggest to read a book (“Head First” etc.) or search for tutorials like “How to make a notebook”, “How to make a picture viewer”. When you learn a lot of things about VB/C# you will need to fin a way to read through your program/game the 3DS Max Graphics (for 3D)(first open the files in Notebook to see how they are).

    To use Multiplayer you will need a server or a ftp website (ex.
    Through your program you will need to send between 2 or more computers files with the data (ex. where the player is, what is he/she doing etc.).
    In Game Maker you can use the “mplay” command.

    If you want to make a game like “RuneScape” you will need to make a “Web Application” in VB/C#.
    You can also upload your game’s installer to your website.
    An ease way to make a website is to use Weebly.

  36. PAGE

    hey guys to be a professional programmer you have to start learning programming language like VB. Net, Java, or C++ etc but if you want to create a simple 2D game even 3D game use GameMaker 8.0 or GameMaker 8.1 .There are free edition & professional edition. If you want to create a game for mobile, u have to learn J2ME. Its Java programming language for Mobile

  37. Sama

    hey , i wanna to learn it faster i can coz i wanna to make the year project befor 2 months end plz help me

  38. Arvin

    hey guys i am Arvin.

    i want to learn more about vb6.. please help me…

  39. christopher

    Ok, I have read through every comment here, a lot helpful… Others not so much, but I just want to say, I am 15 years old, I have been looking into game programming for about 2 years now and I cannot find anything that I am capable of taking in, and I’m pretty much broke, so please don’t tell me to go buy books and what not, I just would like a few links to a couple of basic tutorials

    Thank you for you time to read this


  40. Temesgen

    I hv no idea hw 2 create pc game programs. please i need a help?

  41. kam

    hi. i just started game development for mobile platforms. One thing that confuses me is whether i can make game only using a programming language which means i dont need 3ds max etc software for designing my game .i can design game through opengl. OR if i make a 3d/2d model in 3ds max can it be imported in any platform ? lastly do we need to create a animation of our game in 3ds max and then program on it using any programming languages . plz solve my query . really confused .

  42. Cromwell

    If you are learning with your kid, you cannot go wrong with XNA. C# is fairly easy to learn and it will teach all the programming basics. You will need visual studio express 2010 for c# and XNA studio. XNA studio lets you program games in c#. There are many tutorials online for it. It looks like Microsoft is going to abandon XNA but it is still a fun tool to use to learn how to program. I used it to teach my son. C# is widely used in application development. Game development is still pretty much c++. You can also use XNA to create games for the windows phone, PC and Xbox.

  43. bryan orquia

    plz help me to make a photo hunt game using visual studio

  44. سلام!میخوام یه بازی طراحی کنم کمکم می کنین؟

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