How to Make Music Notes on Facebook

Ever wanted to insert music notes into a status message or comment on Facebook? Want to add a bit of musical flair to some song lyrics or a “happy birthday” message? Here’s how to do it.

The steps are different depending on whether you’re using a compact laptop keyboard or a full-sized “desktop keyboard” that’s hooked up to your computer.

Instructions for Laptop PC Keyboards

Here’s how to insert music notes using the keyboard that’s built into your laptop. Hold down the Alt key and the Fn key, press the letter J, and then press the letter L or the letter U, depending on which music note you want.

= Alt Fn J L  — OR —  Alt Fn 1 3
= Alt Fn J U  — OR —  Alt Fn 1 4

If the first sets of keys don’t work, try using the key combinations that use the blue number keys. Note that these are blue number keys. Pressing the regular black or white number keys on the top of your keyboard won’t work. Only laptops have these blue numbers. If you look at your keyboard closely you should see the blue numbers printed on top of some of the keys on your laptop keyboard.

Instructions for Regular PC Keyboards

Here’s how to insert music notes using a regular, full-sized keyboard that’s plugged in your computer.

Hold down the Alt key and then type in 13 or 14 on your keyboard’s right-hand number pad, depending on which music note you want.

= Alt 1 3
= Alt 1 4

You have to push the numbers on the numeric keypad on the right-hand-side of your keyboard. If you push the numbers on the top of the keyboard it won’t work.

The instructions not only work with Facebook, but with any other website or software program as well. Enjoy your music notes!

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  1. Karla B.

    Many Thanks! Yours was the only site to tell me to type on the keypad to the right to get the symbols…

  2. Sheila

    How to write ‘Happy Birthday to you’ music score.
    What are the other ALT key numbers, that make up the whole song, please?

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