How to Zoom Emails in Outlook

The “zoom” command can be tricky to find in Outlook. Just follow the instructions for your version:

Outlook 2010

  1. Click somewhere in the message body
  2. Select the “Message” tab (if it isn’t already selected)
  3. Click “Zoom”
  4. Select 100% (or your desired zoom level)
  5. Click OK

Outlook 2007

When reading email

  1. Click somewhere in the message body
  2. Select the “Message” tab (if it isn’t already selected)
  3. Click the “Other Actions” dropdown button in the “Actions” section
  4. Click “Zoom”
  5. Select 100% (or your desired zoom level)
  6. Click OK

When writing email

  1. Click somewhere in the message body
  2. Select the “Format Text” tab
  3. Click “Zoom”
  4. Select 100% (or your desired zoom level)
  5. Click OK

Outlook 2003

When reading email

  1. Click the “View” menu
  2. Point to “Text Size”
  3. Click “Medium” (or your desired zoom level)

When writing email

  1. Click somewhere in the message body
  2. Click the “View” menu
  3. Click “Zoom”
  4. Select 100% (or your desired zoom level)
  5. Click OK
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  2. Sylvia

    An Easier way is to press the Ctrl key and roll the mouse wheel. This will work for HTML emails.

    • True, but if you’re trying to reset your zoom level to 100% and you use the mouse wheel, it can be hard to tell whether or not you’re at 100%, unless you’re really good at eyeballing it.

      • jackie

        My problem is not the size of the font but the size of the document pag which is now the size of a postage stamp in the corner and I cant get the page back to normal size. Also while typing on laptop the type moves back to line before, or beginning or deletes the whole letter completely. What am I doing wrong? Help

        • Mary

          I can’t thank you enough. What a service you have performed for those of us who don’t know nothin’ ’bout fixing computer problems.

    • Luke Lewis

      Thanks soo much!!!

    • K

      Thank you so much Sylvia …..this was a lifesaver for me today! K

    • lisa

      this way was much easier. My Zoom button was not even highlighted, so i couldn’t use it. Thank you Sylvia.

  3. bmcarter

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Such an easy fix when you know where to go.

  4. Ali

    Thank you so much. This has been driving me nuts for months! My 2 year old somehow changed it and I have been squinting at the tiny font since then.

  5. Mary

    Thanks so much, that was a great help.

  6. Pierre

    Awesome! This has been driving me nuts for a week, and then I decided to Google it. Landed on this. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Emily

    This helped me so much!!! It was driving me insane!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. arsh

    thanks so much…it was really very helpful.

  9. Kelly

    Thank You for solving this was driving me crazy!!!!

  10. Walt

    Hey! Am I doing something wrong? Switching from smallest to largest does change the font size but by sooooo little that it is barely noticable?

  11. Hi John,

    Thanks for the quick fix. Now I can actually see what I am typing.

    All the best,


  12. Jon

    Very helpful. Thanks


    i don’t no the chose of my p c hp window 7 because it cant state to numeral model unless to the safe model and it can help the screen and the computer please help me.

  14. CJ

    Thank you Thank you Thank you the zoom thing was my tiny font problem

  15. Rose-Marie Williams

    Thank you so much. This was turning me into a raving lunatic.

  16. Ian White

    No i cant find a message tab or a zoom feature. I have tried everything to no avail.

    Thanks Ian

  17. Jack

    Why does the zoom keep reverting back to 100%? Do I have to change it every time I open a message?

  18. Stacy

    Thank you so much! After searching several forums with no luck, you had the right answer.

  19. Matt

    THANK-YOU. I was starting to get frustrated…

  20. Kathryn

    Thanks so much, that’s a great help – I’ve been puzzled by this one for months. ciao Kathryn

  21. Lisa

    Thank you SO much. I’ve accidentally zoomed in and made the text unreadable in the past and my son fixed it. I couldn’t remember how he resolved it, so this time I Googled for the fix myself. So simple once you know how to correct it.

  22. Paddy Mahon

    Thanks a million………’s now fixed.Slainte

  23. Amol

    Thank you. It helped me to fix the problem.

  24. Anwar

    Thanks, really it’s help me a lot, I was stuck earlier in my mails.

  25. Mary

    Thank you! worked perfectly.

  26. Santosh

    Thank You Very Much…..!@! issue resolved…


    Really helpfull

  28. danyah

    Thanks John! This solved my problem in 2 seconds. Very helpful 🙂

  29. Chandra

    This was extremely helpful. I had been experiencing this for weeks and have had several IT guys try to assist and were unsuccessful.
    This was very frustrating.
    Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!

  30. Marina

    Just one more thank you for this clear and simple solution.
    As every one else, I had been struggling with a sudden change of font size, as well of my own text as of forwarded text.

  31. Thanks! Almost too simple, but it’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one experiencing this!

  32. I think my problem may be a bit different. I have received several e-mails from a small number of people which, when displayed, have one or two lines in reasonable, (10 or 12pt) text, followed by a number of lines in < 4pt typeface, which is very hard to read.
    Applying the advice on this forum for Outlook 2003 and switching to largest text alters all the other messages on the same e-mail correspondence, but the one with the tiny text is unaffected. The sender tells me it was all 10pt when it left him.
    I can solve it by clicking “Forward” then setting all the text to say 12 pt. which makes it all readable.
    This has started to happen recently and I am not aware of making any changes, but Microsoft automatic updates have been applied.
    What is going on and how do I solve it.

  33. Anthony Gibbs

    I don’t get the “Format Text” or “Zoom” options, just a pretty red and white moving line.

  34. Christy Huang

    Thanks a lot!! Save my day!!

  35. Cheryl Johnson

    Bless you! I didn’t know if my emails were going out with tiny script. Good to know it was just the zoom. Don’t even know how I unzoomed!

  36. Ellen

    Wonderful. Thanks so much.

  37. david feldman

    That solves it!! Muchas gracias..

  38. Kim

    Thank you a life saver

  39. Mary

    I had to replace my Word “” template and my Outlook email then went on the fritz. This simple fix ended a 6 hr Odyssey of trying various fixes.

    Seems simple, but very helpful.

  40. Lam

    my email could be read from 2 meter away,
    now, it is fix
    Thank you

  41. Kathy Jordan

    Thanks so much for this reminder. Have screwed up size a number of times and always forget the fix. If you can’t find the zoom feature, you can add zoom to the quick access toolbar (Outlook 2007 and beyond) by going to “more commands” and scrolling down the alphabetized list til you find zoom. Then add to toolbar, and it will be there on top of the window and easy to find the next time the problem crops up.

  42. Samantha

    This is good because I can now see emails better. But why do I have to do this every time I read a new email? Is there a way to permanently change the zoom?

  43. Peggie

    The zoom fix worked perfectly.
    Thank you so much!

  44. Nancy

    Thanks so much! I have lived with this problem for far too long.

  45. Sorry the advice did not help me. For those using Outlook 2010 and, like me, could not find a ‘Message Tab’ or a Zoom feature, did you find another way to resolve the problem of text in Outlook having zoomed and appearing too small to read ? This is the position I am still trying to resolve.

  46. Allana Steveson

    Thank you! I was so frustrated and you saved the day! 🙂

  47. Sylvie Arcand-Horner

    Hi John – I have this same issue (font is super tiny on Outlook Hotmail), but not on my laptop. I only have the problem when I access it on my iphone. The font for everything else on my iphone is ok, just for my Hotmail.

    Hope you can assist!



  48. Leigh M

    great thanks fixed my problem 🙂

  49. Mackey

    Does nothing for my text in Outlook 2003.

  50. tex


    You rock dude

    it fixed my problem


  51. tuvi

    just want to thank John Lamansky Catholic Technology Expert for clear and good explanation to sort out the tiny fonts on outlook email!
    reagards Tuvi

  52. Thank You! In Outlook, my FONT size was stuck! You helped me fix it with your Zoom instructions. I am so appreciative!

  53. Richard Darling

    IN Outlook 2003
    When reading email
    1.Click the “View” menu
    2.Point to “Text Size”
    3.Click “Medium” (or your desired zoom level)

    There is no “Text Size” there.

    Incoming emails have very small font size even though I have it set for 12 in settings.

    another fix??

  54. Ramesh

    Thanks, fixed the problem in a flash!!

  55. m.o'malley

    I use internet explorer and want to change font size permanently to a larger one.

  56. vab

    Fixed it.. thanks a lot !!

  57. Just wanted to say thank you. This has been bugging me for weeks after I accidentally changed the settings on my new touch screen laptop.

    Thanks again.

  58. Orlo

    Thanks, will have to keep this one for the next time it happens.

  59. Diane

    Thanks so much!!

  60. mick

    I am using a Samsung tablet and the message tab is not visible.

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