WordPress Tweaks 1.7

Version 1.7 of the WordPress Tweaks plugin features the following under-the-hood changes:

  • Internationalization support for all strings
  • Nonce support for the administration interface to guard against unauthorized changes
  • Other minor enhancements and fixes

For those who aren’t familiar with WordPress Tweaks, it is a multi-purpose plugin specializing in simple toggle-on/off changes. It adds many useful settings pertaining to comments, posts, SEO, security, the administration back-end, and much more.

Learn more or download the latest version

WordPress Tweaks 1.6

Version 1.6 of the WordPress Tweaks plugin adds 2 new tweaks:

  • Admin: Disable the Dashboard
  • Security: Disable directory listing for my plugins folder

WordPress Tweaks now includes a total of 23 toggle-on/off settings spanning SEO, administration, security, posts, and comments.

Download the latest version here

WordPress Tweaks 1.5

Version 1.5 of the WordPress Tweaks plugin has been released! This version boasts 9 new tweaks and a variety of other improvements. View the release history on the plugin page for more information.

Download the latest version here

If you run into any bugs, let me know in the comments!

How to Uninstall a WordPress Plugin

WordPress makes plugin deactivation simple enough — just go to the “Plugins” section, find the plugin, and then click “Deactivate.” But what if you want to get rid of a plugin for good? Here’s how:

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What to Do If Plugin Deactivation Breaks Your Blog

Say you just disabled a plugin, and now your WordPress blog’s front-end says “Fatal error: Call to undefined function.” Part of your site may even be missing.

The problem is that your theme is calling on the plugin you deactivated. However, since that plugin is gone, the site displays an error and then stops rendering the rest of the page.

Here’s what to do:

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