WordPress Plugin Competition 2.5

Weblog Tools Collection is running a WordPress Plugin Competition! I have several plugins I’m working on that I’m planning to submit. Stay tuned for more info on their releases.

WordPress Tweaks 1.0

Version 1.0 of the WordPress Tweaks plugin has been released!

With this update, the version number has been moved from 0.1.2 to 1.0. This does not indicate a major update, but rather is a reflection that the plugin is tested and stable.

The 1.0 version focuses on WordPress 2.5 compatibility. The plugin should now work with the plugin auto-updater in WordPress 2.5. In addition, the WordPress 2.3-specific tweaks are now clearly marked as such.


Of course, please let me know if you run into any bugs.

Contact Form ][ Plugin Review

In this post I’ll review the Contact Form ][ plugin that I use on WordPress Expert at the time of this writing. (And yes, the plugin's name has two square brackets ][ instead of two letter I's).

Here's an overview of the plugin's pros and cons:

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The WordPress Plugin XHTML Hall of Shame

Just because the developers of WordPress itself put such attention onto XHTML standards compliance doesn’t necessarily mean plugin authors do the same. Even if the author of the theme you use put substantial effort into total compliance, your installed plugins nevertheless have the potential to mess things up.

To raise awareness that there are some plugins out there neglect to follow these established coding practices (“programming grammar,” if you will), I’m publishing a list of plugins that I know of that produce invalid XHTML. (We still like you plugin authors, just fix them please!)

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Introducing the WordPress Tweaks Plugin

Have you ever heard of Microsoft TweakUI or similar programs that provide a variety of options to tweak and finetune your operating system? Well, I thought, why can’t something similar be done for WordPress?

Introducing WordPress Tweaks: a plugin that adds a variety of extra toggle-on/off options to WordPress.

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