Announcing the “SEO Ultimate” Plugin

Normally when I set up plugin-level SEO on a WordPress blog, I’ll need 5-8 plugins to provide all the desired SEO functionality. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was one plugin that incorporated all that functionality and more into one easy-to-use suite?

That’s the goal of SEO Ultimate, which is a free plugin I’m developing on behalf of SEO Design Solutions.

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The Ultimate PageRank Sculpting Guide for WordPress SEO

Note: Since the time when this guide was written (2008), Google has drastically changed the way it interprets the nofollow attribute, so that nofollow is no longer useful for PageRank Sculpting. Therefore, I no longer recommend applying the tips in this article.
–John (December 2012)

PageRank sculpting is an SEO tactic that involves adding the nofollow attribute to links for which PageRank flow is not necessary.

PageRank sculpting is important because it helps stop your pages from giving away their PageRank unnecessarily. It is particularly beneficial for WordPress blogs, since they have a multitude of taxonomy/archive pages that can pull PageRank from the rest of your site.

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How to Nofollow a Link

Adding “nofollow” to links can increase your blog’s rankings by decreasing unnecessary PageRank flow. Here’s how to do it.

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20 Practical SEO Tips to Super-Charge Your WordPress Blog!

Got a WordPress blog that you’re eager to supercharge for optimal search engine performance? Read on! We’ll cover pinging, sitemaps, canonicalization, link juice, header tags, slugs, tags, timestamping, social media, permalinks, and a whole lot more!

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