How to Backup Your WordPress Theme

If you’re about to make a modification to your theme files that you aren’t sure about, it’s a good idea to backup your theme, especially if your theme is custom-made (i.e. you can’t just re-download it if something goes wrong), or if you have many other theme modifications you want to preserve.

Here are two ways to do it:

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Cool New Photoblogging Theme: “Monotone”

If you’re into photoblogging, check this out:

When you have the Monotone theme set up on your blog, it will take the first photo attached to each post and place that image prominently at the top, with the post text and comments below.

Simple enough. But what’s unique about this theme is that for each post page, Monotone changes the colors on the page to match the colors in the photo! A very cool method for creating an eye-pleasing visual atmosphere for your photoblog.

Check out the Monotone demo to see it for yourself.

The theme isn’t yet available for download, but should be in a few days.

Is Your WordPress Theme Plugin-Friendly?

Did you know that the correct functioning of some plugins is dependent the “plugin-friendliness” of your WordPress theme?

The themes that come default with WordPress are okay. But if you’re using a theme designed by someone else, you might want to inspect it to make sure.

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7 Tips for Choosing a WordPress Theme

Doing some WordPress theme-hunting? Here’s a checklist of things to look for in a good WordPress theme that’ll hopefully help you narrow down the choices:
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