5 Features Removed in WordPress 2.5

Here’s a list of 5 features that have gone missing in WordPress 2.5:

  1. Drag-and-drop write pages customization — This is one of the biggies that many people are complaining about. Hopefully you like WordPress 2.5’s new Write page layout, because if you don’t, you won’t be able to change it!

  2. Drag-and-drop sidebar assembly — WordPress 2.5’s new widget manger has its benefits, but you can no longer add widgets to sidebars via drag-and-drop.

  3. Bookmarklets — Gone are the Press It and Add Link bookmarklets that you could drag to your Links/Bookmarks toolbar. (Perhaps there will be a better-than-ever bookmarklet making an appearance in WordPress 2.6?)

  4. File Editor — The “Manage > Files” section that let you edit core WordPress files from within the administration has been removed. If htaccess editing is what you miss, check out the Meta Robots plugin.

  5. ID display — WordPress 2.5 no longer shows ID numbers (for posts/pages/categories/etc.) in the administration; instead you need to infer the ID numbers based on various administration URLs.

    While this might be annoying for power users, I think this “feature” removal is a good move with regards to simplicity, since most users don’t need to know the IDs anyway.

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  1. I really miss #2 & #5. BTW, your #2 link isn’t working.

  2. @Richard H: Thanks for the heads-up about the link. It’s fixed now.

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  6. Bring the drag+drop write pages back! PLEASE!!!!!

  7. @Vardis: Looks like drag+drop will be returning in WordPress 2.7!

  8. I guess the latest WordPress version 2.8 has the best features of all. Some removed features has been re-instate again and some useless features also removed for user friendly purpose and simplicity. However, i bet the next version will be better and better.

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