New URL and Site Design

My “WordPress Expert” blog recently got a redesign and has moved from to, joining my technology how-to blog which is now located at I decided it would be nice to consolidate my blogs under one domain name, plus the “jdwebdev” domain didn’t make much sense anymore since I’m no longer seeking out new web development clients.

For you RSS subscribers out there, the RSS URL will remain the same for now, and if I do change it, I’ll be sure to 301-redirect it so you don’t have to update it manually.

The new design isn’t anything too fancy since I’m definitely more a developer than a designer, but if you have any comments I’d be interested to hear them. It’s my first time developing a WordPress theme from scratch instead of basing it off another theme (e.g. Sandbox).


  1. Hi John…
    wishing you all the best with the new location and the relaunch! Glad I subscripbed a while ago, and looking forward to your posts!
    Peter (in London)

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