How to Nofollow a Link

Adding “nofollow” to links can increase your blog’s rankings by decreasing unnecessary PageRank flow. Here’s how to do it.

First of all, here’s what the HTML code for a link might look like:

<a href="">WordPress Expert</a>

The link, when rendered, would look like this:

WordPress Expert

To add nofollow, you would change it to this:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">WordPress Expert</a>

You may be able to find links to manually nofollow by going to your Theme Editor (under Design) and scanning the sidebar and footer files. You should nofollow links to any page for which you don’t care about the ranking. For example, you may want to nofollow links to your RSS feed, since there isn’t much point in that appearing in a standard web search.


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  5. Perde

    I did not know that giving an external link decreases pagerank.

    Thanks for the tip 🙂

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  7. Informative source for new beginners Seo.

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  9. New Gal

    Wow! Am I ever glad I found this site. Thank you soooooooo much for these posts that answer a lot of my questions. I think I can now start my new blog with all of the great information you provide. I was ready to give up, but I think there is still hope for me. Thanks!

  10. While doing a Nofollow might help not loosing PR in some case, being a blackhole (a site with no external link) will definitely get you low PR. You should keep the relevant links dofollow and the irrelevant or spammy links nofollow.

  11. Cool tip, great explanation very clearly laid out. Gonna implement this on some of the non-essential pages.

  12. I agree with Jason, having no external dofollow links looks like you are just hoarding PR and I’m sure Google will find some way to penalize you for that. Plus if you decide someone’s content is good enough to link to then it should be good enough to link with dofollow.

  13. John

    Thanks for this it was simple and straight forward and worked first time I tried.

  14. Thanks for teaching me how to create this nofollow links. I wanted to create nofollow on all my affiliate links.

  15. Frank H.

    @perde this also begs the question: If you comment here is is this a dofollow link. Hard to tell in the source code.

    Frank H.

  16. Not really using nofollow just ensures that the links do not get followed by the search engines but now Google doesn’t give you extra value if you use nofollow.

  17. T. Lane

    Thanks for making it easy to learn how to no follow a link.

  18. I see this site uses ‘no follow’ in the comment signatures.

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