WordPress 2.6 Features

Originally published on April 24, 2008. Updated on May 5, 20, 22, June 16, and June 20.

WordPress 2.6 may not be due until August 2008, but already I’ve managed to compile a list of features and enhancements that we’ll likely be seeing in this next major WordPress release. (I’ll continue to update this post as we approach the release date.)

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The Ultimate PageRank Sculpting Guide for WordPress SEO

Note: Since the time when this guide was written (2008), Google has drastically changed the way it interprets the nofollow attribute, so that nofollow is no longer useful for PageRank Sculpting. Therefore, I no longer recommend applying the tips in this article.
–John (December 2012)

PageRank sculpting is an SEO tactic that involves adding the nofollow attribute to links for which PageRank flow is not necessary.

PageRank sculpting is important because it helps stop your pages from giving away their PageRank unnecessarily. It is particularly beneficial for WordPress blogs, since they have a multitude of taxonomy/archive pages that can pull PageRank from the rest of your site.

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How to Nofollow a Link

Adding “nofollow” to links can increase your blog’s rankings by decreasing unnecessary PageRank flow. Here’s how to do it.

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WordPress Tweaks 1.7

Version 1.7 of the WordPress Tweaks plugin features the following under-the-hood changes:

  • Internationalization support for all strings
  • Nonce support for the administration interface to guard against unauthorized changes
  • Other minor enhancements and fixes

For those who aren’t familiar with WordPress Tweaks, it is a multi-purpose plugin specializing in simple toggle-on/off changes. It adds many useful settings pertaining to comments, posts, SEO, security, the administration back-end, and much more.

Learn more or download the latest version

WordPress Tweaks 1.6

Version 1.6 of the WordPress Tweaks plugin adds 2 new tweaks:

  • Admin: Disable the Dashboard
  • Security: Disable directory listing for my plugins folder

WordPress Tweaks now includes a total of 23 toggle-on/off settings spanning SEO, administration, security, posts, and comments.

Download the latest version here

WordPress Tweaks 1.5

Version 1.5 of the WordPress Tweaks plugin has been released! This version boasts 9 new tweaks and a variety of other improvements. View the release history on the plugin page for more information.

Download the latest version here

If you run into any bugs, let me know in the comments!

Best Posts of May 2008

Here are 7 of my favorite posts from this last month:

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Don’t Let Google Truncate Your Blog Post Titles!

Even if you have a catchy blog post title, it might not generate many clickthroughs in search engine result pages if it’s truncated with the familiar ellipsis in the SERPs. Here are two tips to avoid this:

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4 Steps for Spring-Cleaning Your WordPress Blog

It’s spring here in the northern hemisphere — why not incorporate your WordPress blog into your spring-cleaning routine?

Here are some ideas:

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How to Find and Fix 404 Errors

If you’ve changed post slugs, taxonomy slugs, or permalink structures, you likely created 404 pages (page-not-found URLs) along the way.

These 404 pages certainly aren’t helpful for visitors who stumble across them and can increase your bounce rate. It can be a particular problem if search engines, pingbacks, and/or internal and external links are sending traffic to the old URLs.

Here’s how to resolve the issue:

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