WordPress Tweaks Plugin

WordPress Tweaks is a powerful yet simple plugin to help you push the boundaries of WordPress by fine-tuning its many aspects. This multi-purpose plugin specializes in simple toggle-on/off changes and dropdown selections. It adds many useful settings pertaining to comments, posts, media, the administration back-end, and much more. Some tweaks can even replace plugins that you may already have installed.

The WordPress Tweaks plugin adds a “Tweaks” page to your “Settings” menu. Each individual tweak can be enabled/disabled at will using a checkbox or dropdown. An instant search bar makes it a snap to find the tweak you’re looking for.

The tweaks are as follows:

  • Admin
    • Automatically scroll to the post editor
    • Disable the admin bar
    • Disable the Dashboard
    • Disable the “Search Engines Blocked” notice
    • Disable tag autocomplete
    • Disable WordPress’s admin footer text/links
  • Comments and Pings
    • Disable self-pinging
    • Dofollow comment author links
    • Dofollow comment body links
    • Open external comment links in new windows
  • Media
    • Disable the Flash uploader
    • Default media inserter tab
      • From Computer
      • From URL
      • Gallery
      • Media Library
    • JPEG Quality
  • Posts
    • Disable post revisions
    • Force excerpts on archives
    • Open external post links in new windows
    • Add a “Continue reading” link to excerpts

Install Now

Just enter the homepage URL of your WordPress site:


Version 2.0 (May 27, 2011)

  • Feature: Added an instant search bar to the plugin admin page
  • Feature: Added the “Disable the admin bar” tweak
  • Feature: Added the “Disable the ‘Search Engines Blocked’ notice” tweak
  • Feature: Added the “Disable WordPress’s admin footer text/links” tweak
  • Feature: Added the “Default media inserter tab” tweak
  • Feature: Added the “JPEG Quality” tweak
  • Bugfix: Increased browser compatibility for the “Automatically scroll to the post editor” tweak
  • Bugfix: The “Disable the Dashboard” tweak now works on the latest versions of WordPress
  • Bugfix: The “Disable tag autocomplete” tweak now works on the latest versions of WordPress
  • Improvement: Replaced deprecated ereg functions with preg functions
  • Improvement: The “Open external links in new windows” tweaks now use 5 lines of jQuery each instead of 30+ lines of custom JavaScript
  • Improvement: Now uses the new script/style queueing API introduced in WP 2.6
  • Improvement: Now uses the new options.php API introduced in WP 2.8
  • Improvement: Plugin now fails gracefully when installed on an old, unsupported version of WordPress
  • Removed the “Remove the width restraint on administration pages” tweak (no longer needed in WP 2.7+)
  • Removed the “Show comments in reverse order” tweak (no longer needed in WP 2.7+)
  • Removed 5 nofollow tweaks (Google no longer supports nofollow-based PageRank sculpting as of 2008)
  • Removed the “Disable directory listing for my plugins folder” tweak (no longer needed in WP 2.8+)
  • Removed the “Hide WordPress’s version number from my theme and feeds” tweak
  • Removed the “Add code references to favicon.ico” tweak (not needed for modern browsers)
  • Removed the “Remove white space from pages list” tweak
  • Compatibility: WordPress Tweaks now requires WordPress 3.1 or above

Version 1.8 (June 30, 2008)

  • Added the “Automatically scroll to the post editor” tweak
  • Removed unnecessary JavaScript HTTP calls
  • Removed unused code
  • Added a POT file to the plugin distribution
  • Fixed a WordPress 2.6 compatibility bug
  • Other minor enhancements

Version 1.7 (June 17, 2008)

  • Added internationalization support to all strings
  • Added nonce support to the administration interface to guard against unauthorized changes
  • Other minor enhancements and fixes

Version 1.6 (June 10, 2008)

  • Added the “Disable the Dashboard” tweak
  • Added the “Disable directory listing for my plugins folder” tweak
  • Added information on version requirements for some tweaks

Version 1.5 (June 6, 2008)

  • Added 9 new tweaks!
  • Overhauled the administration interface
  • Added helpful descriptions to many tweaks
  • The footer counter is now controlled by a checkbox instead of a constant
  • Other minor enhancements

Version 1.0 (April 28, 2008)

  • Now compatible with WordPress 2.5 plugin auto-update.

Version 0.1.2 (March 14, 2008)

  • Resolved a minor, aesthetic IE CSS rendering issue.
  • Other minor changes.

Version 0.1.1 (February 28, 2008)

  • Added the “Remove ‘nofollow’ from comment author links” tweak.
  • Added a donation link in the administration panel.
  • Made an admin change for WordPress 2.5 conformity.
  • Fixed bugs that prevented the “Open external comment links in new windows” tweak from working.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the tag cloud to be removed from the Widgets administration when the “Only show the tag cloud widget on the homepage” tweak was enabled.
  • Fixed a duplicate JavaScript function problem.

Version 0.1.0 (February 27, 2008)

  • Initial release


Please leave comments for this version at the WordPress Tweaks 2.0 post. Thanks!