How to Remove Dates from WordPress Posts

If your content is not time-oriented (such as when using WordPress in non-blog contexts), you may wish to remove the publication date from your posts since this information is not relevant and can give the impression that your older content is outdated.

1. The Manual Method

The “proper” way to do this would be to edit your theme and remove the code that displays the post dates.

  1. Backup your theme, just in case
  2. Go to “Appearance > Editor” and repeat the following steps for each of your theme’s PHP files
  3. Look for these function calls in your theme’s code: the_date(), echo get_the_date(), the_modified_date(), and the_time()
  4. Surround the function calls with PHP comment markers (/* and */); here are some examples:
    <?php /*the_date();*/ ?>
    <?php /*the_date('F j, Y');*/ ?>
    <?php /*echo get_the_date();*/ ?>
    <?php /*the_modified_date();*/ ?>
    <?php /*the_modified_date('', 'Last modified ');*/ ?>
    <?php /*the_time( get_option('date_format') );*/ ?>
  5. You may want to remove other text surrounding the function call. For example, if your theme has this code…
    <div>Published on <?php the_time( get_option('date_format') ); ?></div>

    …and you replace it with this…

    <div>Published on <?php /*the_time( get_option('date_format') );*/ ?></div>

    …your theme will output “Published on,” but not the date. Deleting “Published on” from your theme file will remove it from your site. Just be aware that you may have to remove text like this from your theme files to get a clean-looking result.

  6. Click “Update File”

2. The Automatic Method

If you’re looking for a quick fix, just go to “Appearance > Editor” in your WordPress admin and add this code to your theme’s functions.php file. Put it at the top of the file, but after the opening <?php line.

function jl_remove_post_dates() {
	add_filter('the_date', '__return_false');
	add_filter('the_time', '__return_false');
	add_filter('the_modified_date', '__return_false');
} add_action('loop_start', 'jl_remove_post_dates');

(Note: This method requires WordPress 3.0 or above)

Now check your site and verify that the post dates are gone. If they’re not, try replacing the code above with this more “aggressive” version:

function jl_remove_post_dates() {
	add_filter('the_date', '__return_false');
	add_filter('the_time', '__return_false');
	add_filter('the_modified_date', '__return_false');
	add_filter('get_the_date', '__return_false');
	add_filter('get_the_time', '__return_false');
	add_filter('get_the_modified_date', '__return_false');
} add_action('loop_start', 'jl_remove_post_dates');


  1. SAC

    Thank you for this short guide… I tried the automatic method and it works without a problem.

  2. JRum

    I tried the automatic fix, but it did not work (it resulted in some strange text appearing at the top margin of the website). I have restored the text back to normal, but perhaps I am pasting the text in the wrong place. When I tried it the first time I pasted it at the very top of the text file before any other text. Should I be pasting it somewhere else in the text box? The functions.php box starts with the following text:

    * TwentyTen functions and definitions
    * Sets up the theme and provides some helper functions. Some helper functions
    * are used in the theme as custom template tags. Others are attached to action and
    * filter hooks in WordPress to change core functionality.


  3. Grace Qi

    My “appearance” menu doesn’t have an “edit” option. It has themes, widgets, menus, background, header, custom design, iPad, extras, and nothing else. How do I find this mysterious theme editor? (I’m using this theme 2010)

    • It sounds like your blog is running on a WordPress multisite setup. If you’re using or another multisite network that’s owned by someone else, editing themes won’t be an option. If you’re running your own multisite setup, you’ll have to go to Network Admin to find the theme editor.

      • Glo

        What’s “multisite setup?”
        I don’t have “editor” in “Appearances.” I’ve tried changing the code and fooling around with no real experience in what I’m doing, but nothing saves. Obviously, MY version is idiot-proofed. : )
        This Word Press stuff is a mystery. I don’t understand the different types – the difference between the free version and the templates for purchase. And they don’t really want to tell us…

        If they could be clear about what I’m getting, I’d make the choice to upgrade/purchase/buy hosting/whatever/add on all the stuff that costs more money in order to get what I want. But they don’t say what you’re getting until you bought it and it doesn’t meet your expectations.

        I’m super cautious now. By the time I’m done throwing down the credit card, I could have had a ‘real’ website for what I spent.

  4. Is it possible to remove date information only from meta description of the page and still show it on the page?

    • Yes. The date information shows up in the meta description because your theme marks up your posts as hEntry objects. There should be a <div> with the “hentry” class surrounding each post, and another <div> with the “hfeed” class surrounding the post list. I haven’t tested it myself, but as far as I know, removing those classes should remove the date info from your meta descriptions.

  5. Jackie

    I tried it and got this error…

    Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘__return_false’ was given in /home3/healthcl/public_html/fmg/blog/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 166

  6. Sean Armstrong

    Great suggestion and works well for me. I have no programming experience and experimented by adding a couple of extra lines of code in there. this allowed me to remove the author and title as well as the date and time.

    function jl_remove_post_dates() {
    add_filter(‘the_date’, ‘__return_false’);
    add_filter(‘the_author’, ‘__return_false’);
    add_filter(‘the_title’, ‘__return_false’);
    add_filter(‘the_time’, ‘__return_false’);
    add_filter(‘the_modified_date’, ‘__return_false’);
    add_filter(‘get_the_date’, ‘__return_false’);
    add_filter(‘get_the_author’, ‘__return_false’);
    add_filter(‘get_the_title’, ‘__return_false’);
    add_filter(‘get_the_time’, ‘__return_false’);
    add_filter(‘get_the_modified_date’, ‘__return_false’);
    } add_action(‘loop_start’, ‘jl_remove_post_dates’);

  7. When publishing content that is time-oriented I use static pages. Nevertheless, information on alternative approaches is always appreciated. I’ll file it away for future use. Thanks.

  8. stefan

    Hi John, nice site you have. And thanks for helping us out with these handy articles.

    I tried to turn of the date for my wp site. I got it fixed with the more “aggressive” version. The one above didn’t work. But I have a (maybe stupid) question: is it possible to turn of the Published | By admin notice on my site?

    please have a look: bloemistinamsterdam (dot) nl didn’t put a link, don’t want it to be indexed yet.

    Hope you can help!


  9. Mahesh

    hey, @stefan your question is not stupid at all.because i also need this fix and i think everyone will need it because you don’t want to show “published on” since you don’t want the date at all. 🙂

    PS:thanks for this function but if can also remove the published on with function then it would be great!

  10. IH

    Hi John,

    great post. It helped me a lot.

    A little warning to you readers, if you want to modify the default theme it is better to copy it and use this copied version.

    Otherwise, WordPress will overwrite your modified default theme during an update.


  11. Conny

    Hi John,

    I used your automatic method (the aggressive version) to delete dates from my word press blog. Unfortunately I accidentally forgot to copy the last few characters ); of the code and now the entire website/admin-area is not working anymore. Do you have any idea how to fix it? I cannot open the website at all…

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  12. Baba

    Hey John

    Thanks for great post …

    I want to remove dates from certain category ..How can i do that ? :)I just found following line in loop-single.php “sprintf(esc_attr__( ‘View all posts by %s’, ‘unspoken’ ), get_the_author() ), get_the_author()), get_the_date(),”

    Lemme know what code i need to add. Would be great help to me 🙂


  13. I used the more aggressive method and it still says “posted on” but the date has been removed. Anyway to remove the post “posted on”

  14. galaxie

    Mvcrews and others: Locate the code I’ve pasted below in your functions page – it should be just above the get the date, get the time, etc. Just delete where it says “posted on”

    function twentyeleven_posted_on() {
    printf( __( ‘ Posted on %4$s by %7$s‘, ‘twentyeleven’ ),

  15. Fred

    Thank you for this nice tutorial.
    I’m a beginner and I don’t have much aknoledge about coding, but it is clear and easy to follow tutorial.
    By the way, I’d like to remove the date from one post only, not from all posts as the tuto points. So, how could we remove a given post’s date?

    Thank you


    Thank you….I tried the automatic method and it works without a problem.

  17. Hi John,
    I am looking to remove the search box from under the header so I can have the menu continue across the page not make a second line. (using twenty eleven)



  18. I am using Atahualpa but I can’t seem to figure how to remove the date and time. Can you help?

  19. Miracle

    May I ask you a question?
    Have you ever tried to use do_shortcode function in admin page or menu page?
    I found it is not work when using it in that situation.
    Could u do me a favor?

  20. Ali Zari

    Worked For me also thanks

  21. I used your aggressive code running on WordPress 3.3.1 with the Thesis theme and it worked great!!!

  22. Jethro

    The Automatic Method Works without a problem. Thanks a lot…

  23. bartoli

    I personally redefined the function that displays the ‘posted on’ of my parent theme in my child theme’s functions.php to an empty function. In my case, the function was twentyeleven_posted_on() for my theme that is a child of twentyeleven. I find it more clean, since i don’t modify official themes, and who knows if those dates functions are not used for something else

  24. William Veasley

    John: thanks for the simple guide. I thought it was going to be much harder or that I would have to find a different theme, but thanks again your a life saver! ( :

    Best wishes,
    William Veasley

  25. Ruby

    You are a legend!

  26. Alex

    Thanks man! The maunuel method worked great. Keep up the good work and God bless!

  27. cp

    Thanks! The auto method works!

  28. Karan Chopra

    Thanks it works well for me too 🙂

  29. Kat

    Hi I tried the automatic method & also tried to put in extra categories following the pattern and like John (above tried) to get rid of the “posted on”. However I am now getting:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/13/9242813/html/Christmas/wp-content/themes/admired/functions.php on line 10

    I repasted the original information back into the function php but it won’t accept it and now I can’t access any of the dashboard, theme or editing pages, all clicks lead back to the error page.

    I’d be grateful for any help you could give me in restoring my blog (or at least my access to it)!


  30. Is there a way to do this if we don’t upgrade? I am using a free version.

  31. The more aggressive version worked perfect for the Genesis Theme. Thanks so much!

  32. Awesome recipes

    Thank you very much, i remove my date so easy. Thank you thank you

  33. Very nice. The first method did not work for me but the second more aggressive method did work. Pasted at the top of the functions file as you explained. I am using the Genesis Framework with the Outreach theme and most current version of Word Press. Not even sure which one but I keep it updated. Thanks again very much for your help! Worked like a charm and only took a second to copy and paste.

  34. Paul

    Thanks for this tips! I remove on one our project date

  35. inka

    Thank u so much for the automatic method. I tried everything ppl posted and nothing worked. I already wanted to give up but then I found your post. THANK YOU!!!!

  36. the aggressive works. now just have to figure out how to remove who it was posted by and the category that it was posted under.

  37. WST

    Hi John, I had to remove the post date on wordpress but on a different theme, I found the .php file that the post was using and searched for date within the file, then used your method of /* */ within the line of code () it worked first time! I found fix to be excellent and in the code it is very clean and easy to apply, thank you very much

  38. Yes pretty much right. It will remove the date from all post. thanks.

  39. The automated method worked instantly. Awesome tips. Thank you.

  40. Tried your auto method. Now I only get a funky on the top of my wordpress blog. No content shows any longer. Am I ever scared that I messed up my whole website. I can log into my site in wordpress, but this is what I see:

    function jl_remove_post_dates() { add_filter(‘the_date’, ‘__return_false’); add_filter(‘the_time’, ‘__return_false’); add_filter(‘the_modified_date’, ‘__return_false’); } add_action(‘loop_start’, ‘jl_remove_post_dates’);

    What happened to my content?

    Clarification – My website shows, but I cannot get into my WordPress to alter the website.

    HELP!! Please HELP!!


    • You need to put the code after the opening <?php line. I’m sorry that the instructions weren’t clear on that. I’ve updated the post to clarify that the <?php line needs to come first.

      If you can’t get into WordPress to edit the file, you’ll need to use an FTP program (such as FileZilla) to download it to your computer, where you can edit it, and then use the FTP program to re-upload it.

    • You need to put the code after the opening <?php line. I’m sorry that the post wasn’t more clear on this. I’ve updated the post to clarify that the <?php line needs to come first.

      If you can’t get into WordPress to edit the file, you should be able to edit it using an FTP program or by going into your web host’s control panel.

  41. Thank you, John, for this useful post. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile. You’ve made it simple.

    Terrific site you have here. I’m looking forward to reviewing more of your fine work!


  42. Mohi Uddin

    Hey John,
    nice site you have. And thanks for helping us out with these handy articles. I’m very greatfull to you.

  43. Armando Morales

    This worked wonderfully. Thanks.

  44. Cee

    Hi John!

    Wow..been looking forever for info. Have succeeded in removing dates/time from other blog, and used a plug in on this one. BUT…CANNOT get the time/date removed from the comments.

    They show up as links and thinking that maybe they are in archives, even though I don’t use the archive feature on the blog.

    I looked through code…eliminated all I could find that might be pertinent on functions, single etc. But NOTHING works. I am NOT adept at code..but did it to remove on posts before. But this Comment ‘link’ date’time
    is a real bugger.

    I tried BOTH of your codes at the top of functions. NO go. Tried adding other wording, like archives, comments..etc in the code. No Go.

    Do you have any advice or code I can paste in to get these dang time/date stamps off the comments?

    Thanks so much…awaiting breathlessly with crossed fingers! :-0


  45. Balaji

    thank you very much

  46. Waheguru Khalsa

    Hey John, great site. Helped me a lot with my wordpress site. I’m just having some trouble getting rid of the “posted by author” line under all my posts. Any suggestions on how I can simply do this as it was with the extermination of the date and time post?


  47. I would like to remove the dates from posts on my WordPress sites, but not only know nothing about HTML I don’t want to mess something up by doing this myself. Someone set my sites up. Actually I am not sure how to find the place to make these changes. Any suggestions?

  48. Thank you so much for the code!!! The manual option worked great. Very helpful!

  49. David

    I added the aggressive method and it worked, but after I thought about it I removed, thinking that any theme update would be a constant maintenance issue. I found a plugin called ‘WP Date Remover’ and it seems to work perfectly fine on my WordPress 3.5.1. BTW, according to the plugin, it requires WordPress Version: 2.0.2 or higher.

  50. Azira

    Hello John!

    Thanks so very much for the info. I used the aggressive codes and it worked… Trouble is, the image of a calendar and the word ‘BY’ are still there. How can I remove those two? I’ve removed the author earlier using CSS. I’m using WordPress 3.5.1. and the theme is Lifestyle Child Theme under Genesis.

  51. I got the date and time off, but the little word “on” appears after the author name where the date used to appear after it. How the devil do I get rid of it? It says “by Rita Reimers on” now. Looks ugly. thanks!

  52. Maria

    thank you this was very helpful!

  53. The aggressive method worked like a charm. THANKS!

  54. I have used the second aggressive method and worked fantastic. Thanks. I have tried to modify the settings of the wordpress theme that I am using, but still did not manage. The first automatic php script did not do it for me either, but the second hit the spot. I am using a domain name from one company, and a host from another, maybe this information may help someone else.

  55. Linda

    Hi John,

    thanks very much for the code above – worked brilliantly. I’ve been trying to remove the date from posts only in one specific category, and have been trying to modify/add to your code to do this, but am getting nowhere – any help would be hugely appreciated.



  56. I made the changes but it wasn’t working so I would like to restore to the original settings and get back to square one. Any tips would be supremely appreciated. 😉 Here is what is coming up on my page now: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘*’ in /home/content/22/10344522/html/wp-content/themes/clean-retina-pro/functions.php on line 3

    • If you can’t access your WP admin interface, here’s what to do:

      1. Using an FTP program (like FileZilla) or your webhost’s file management interface, navigate to /wp-content/themes/
      2. Rename the folder of your current theme. This will make WordPress revert to the default theme.
      3. Login to the WP admin interface and use the Theme Editor to remove the code you added.
      4. Use the FTP program / file manager to rename the theme’s folder back to what it was.
      5. Go back to the WP admin interface and activate your theme again.

      Based on the error message, it sounds like you may have deleted a slash before the asterisk on line 3. Line 3 should be /* but it may have gotten turned into just *

  57. chaz

    Thanks for this!!! It worked perfectly

  58. Thanks for the tutorial Jane, just removed the time stamp from my blog. A tech blog covering long lasting content should definitely remove time stamps, whereas Gadgets Blog it’s the first thing.

  59. Lionel

    Thank you so much for this guide. It worked perfectly!

  60. James

    Hi John,

    Is there a way to remove ONLY the time and not the date?


  61. abdou

    the method 2 workes as a charm :0)

    thank you so much

  62. Dear John,

    I’m trying to remove the admin text and posted time from the categories on my site. Just go to the homepage and you will see. I’ve tried all of the above but it doesn’t seem to work. I am completely new to this so maybe I misread or something. Can you please check and let me know? I only want the pictures with the name of the category on the site, nothing beneath.


  63. RAchel

    entered it where you suggested and the whole screen is white and won’t let me see ANYTHING. 🙁

    • It sounds like something got messed up when you pasted the code in. Perhaps you pasted it in the wrong spot, or accidentally changed something else in the code. But whatever the cause, it should be an easy fix:

      1. Using an FTP program (like FileZilla) or your webhost’s file management interface, navigate to /wp-content/themes/
      2. Rename the folder of your current theme. This will make WordPress revert to the default theme.
      3. Login to the WP admin interface and use the Theme Editor to remove the code you added.
      4. Use the FTP program / file manager to rename the theme’s folder back to what it was.
      5. Go back to the WP admin interface and activate your theme again.

  64. Max


    After removing the post-date and creating an excerpt for a blog post, will this excerpt also be displayed in Google’s SERP (with the date removed)?


  65. For those wondering if a first-published date showing at the start of your page description will affect your ranking in Google; IT MOST CERTAINLY CAN – and not in a good way!

    Google SERP’s started showing the first-published date at the front of our description about 1 month ago.
    Obviously a date from 2009 will immediately repel anyone looking to buy online in 2013!

    Good grief; Myers started their business MUCH earlier than 2009, but their stores are every bit as relevant for shoppers today – as when they first started (maybe even more so).

    It’s a much different story online:
    Our home page promptly dropped from #7 on the first page of Google search results, to #25 – on the 3rd page.

    Understandably; our sales immediately dropped to almost zero.

    Forget about any worthwhile advice from Matt Cutts – that’s like asking a girl’s father if he knows the easiest way to get into his daughter’s pants.

    Never ceases to amaze me the people who hang on this guy’s every word for SEO advice.

    Wake up folks – HE WORKS FOR GOOGLE!
    Matt Cutts is first and foremost a spin-doctor, and a very good one at that.

    Google wants ecommerce sites like ours to PAY for clicks, because that’s where 80% of their profit comes from.

    If I sound cynical- YOU BET!
    You think this sort of thing by Google is accidental?

    Because we are selling a very niche market product; if we were forced to rely solely on adwords to get traffic, we may as well close shop. (We’ve tried it: any profits simply get all eaten up by the hungry Google monster)

    We have experimented with many things to eliminate that date; we get rid of it for a few days, and our website slowly comes back up in the search results. Next thing the $#@^&! date is back – and we slide back a page or 2 in the search results again. Been a yo-yo like this now (in Google) for well over a 1 month.

    All this time our ranking in Bing and Yahoo have remained unchanged; #3 & 4 on the first page.
    But you are never going to succeed online without also getting Google’s favour.

    This code from John in our php.functions file is a desperate last-ditch attempt; to get rid of googlebots extremely aggressive use of the date in our home page description.

    We have been running this web-based business for nearly 8 years, but recent algorithm changes by the bigG have got us disillusioned to the point of packing up and going back to a bricks & mortar business.

    What search engine genius at Google made this decision: it is more important to direct somebody looking for a bidet, to a blog called ‘Bidet Mate’ (a fat lady who paints and has feelings) rather than to a legitimate store selling bidets?

  66. @ John Lamansky,

    How do you get that little clock face to show at the start of your date?
    It’s SO much cooler than siff & boring- Last Updated:

  67. boris

    if Johns method does not work, try this one:

    1. Using an FTP program (like FileZilla) or your webhost’s file management interface, navigate to /wp-content/themes/
    2. Rename the folder of your current theme. This will make WordPress revert to the default theme.
    3. Login to the WP admin interface and DELETE the theme you were using
    4. Reinstall the same theme

  68. Thanks a lot John, it works great!

  69. Beatrice

    Thank you so much! Do you have any idea how I can remove ” Posted by admin”, No comments” and “Comments are closed”?

    Beast regards, Beatrice

  70. Hi John,

    Been wanting to do this for ages and came across your article. Thanks, the more aggressive piece of coding did the trick for the date and time. However it has left behind the unnecessary little clock symbol where the date stamp was – see here on a blog post and when you read the full post by clicking the more tag the post credit is showing as expected.

    I tried editing the code to get rid of the credit as commented below by Sean Armstrong but this didn’t work on my theme (Albedo by GraphPaperPress). Any ideas or should I try contacting GraphPaperPress directly.

    Thanks in advance,


  71. Thank you for the tip. I tried the automatic one but didn’t work. The aggressive one worked though, and as you had said it would show posted on in the function.php file. I just had to alter the printf section and that did the work.

  72. Yeliz

    The “aggressive” version of the Automatic Method works. Thank you very much 🙂

  73. George

    Any suggestions on how to remove the link on the date and time for comments?

  74. Thanks john, this post worked for me and you saved my time 🙂

  75. Misa

    I love you thanks so much!

  76. Tried the automatic method. So easy and works perfect! Thank you.

  77. 1.000.000 Thanx!!! It works!!!!

  78. RJ

    Thanks so much for the assist on removing the post dates! It worked perfectly. And, it was much more direct that the solution offered by the theme author!

  79. Kumar

    Hi John,

    I tried the First Method and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the information.

  80. worked perfectly – thanks!

  81. And when you update your theme you lose all the changes? Why not do a very simple child theme and change the display or visibility through the css with .entry-meta {display:none;} ?

  82. You don’t have to edit and of the theme edit files, just go to settings> General> Click Custom and clear the field then click save.

  83. Emily

    I have removed the date/time from my posts, yay!! But is there a way to remove the ugly icon that it used to live in? Now my posts have a big black circle next to them and I want it gone, or changed to something a little easier on the eye!

  84. Thanks! I’ve been trying to remove the date from picochic theme for ages!

  85. Cee

    Hi John!

    Found your site sfter HOURS on end looking for a fix…..and hope you can help.

    I was able to remove dates a while back from posts, but they still show up in the ‘archives’ when the category link is selected.
    So. today thought I’d try to eliminate them. OMG. Wish I hadn’t.

    I opened the archive.php and erased the get_time code – or similar …and I got a 500 internal server error when I tried to open the site.

    So I re=uploaded the original archive.php…and the same problem exists. Can’t get my site to open…NOR can I get into the wp-admin. The horrid 500 Internal Server Error.

    Wondering if it has something to do with the permalinks…I’m not a techie…but I remember something about date changing that can cause problems because the dates were in the permalinks.

    Scratching my head…Can you help me fix this? I’m tearing out my hair and going bleary eyed…Don’t know what to do.

    Thanks soooooo much… for any help/suggestions you can render!!!! Desperate.

    • Hi Cee. Here’s what I’d suggest. Use an FTP client, or the file manager in your web host’s control panel, and do two things: (1) rename the .htaccess file in your blog’s directory; and (2) browse to /wp-content/themes/ and rename the directory of your current theme. See if either of those does the trick to get your site back online. Let me know how it goes.

  86. Nauman Tanwir

    Thanks for the awesome solution.

    I was able to remove date, time, category with the code.

    But I am unable to remove the “By Posted at”. I have commented out these in every php file as you instructed but no success.

    I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Please help me out.

  87. Hi John,

    Its worked for me, i have an issue i have removed author from posts now i removed date & time from this code but it shows “/by” on posts.

    How to remove that ? please help.

  88. Surprisingly easy, even for a 3month old “wordpressor”.

    Much appreciated

  89. Lou

    The aggressive worked, I suppose updating it will have to be redone,

    Thanks very much John



  90. Thanks for this John, I always feel like some of the code wordpress provides often ends up bloating the content and it isn’t that necessary from a content perspective. Nice to know that you can remove it though.

  91. Joe

    My problem is somewhat like Cee’s. I used the aggressive code and now my site is down. I got an error notice at first, so I went back and removed the code and saved it. That didn’t help and now my site is completely down. I can’t open the site or get back on as the administrator. If you know how to correct this situation, I’d appreciate it immensely.

    • Hi Joe. So sorry you ran into trouble. Use an FTP program or the file manager of your web host’s control panel to navigate to the /wp-content/themes/ folder of your site and rename the folder that contains your theme. That should cause your site to switch back to the default WordPress theme, which should let you get back into the admin.

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