Announcing the “SEO Ultimate” Plugin

Normally when I set up plugin-level SEO on a WordPress blog, I’ll need 5-8 plugins to provide all the desired SEO functionality. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was one plugin that incorporated all that functionality and more into one easy-to-use suite?

That’s the goal of SEO Ultimate, which is a free plugin I’m developing on behalf of SEO Design Solutions.

Right now the plugin is in its early stages (currently at version 0.6). There are many more features yet to come; as more functionality is added, I expect SEO Ultimate to become the all-in-one WordPress SEO solution of choice for more people as time goes on.


Current functionality includes the standard All in One SEO Pack features:

  • Title rewriting
  • Noindex checkboxes
  • Meta editing
  • Canonical tags
  • Post meta box

SEO Ultimate also has these additional capabilities:

  • 404 monitoring
  • Linkbox insertion
  • Settings import/export functions

Upcoming features include robots.txt editing, 301 logging, XHTML validation status monitoring, and much more. (If you install the plugin now, you can get these features delivered to you on a regular basis via WordPress’s semi-automatic plugin updater!)

I’ve also incorporated these extra features into SEO Ultimate:


Also, be sure to check out this cool auto-installer system I invented. Just type in your blog’s URL, click “Launch Installer,” then click “Install Now,” and voila, SEO Ultimate will be installed on your blog! You can then enable it by clicking the Activate link.

Try it out:

You can also download the zip file. SEO Ultimate requires WordPress 2.7 or above.

Let me know what you think!


  1. I’m currently using ‘All in One SEO Pack’
    Can you tell me how your plugin is different?

    Thanks for your hardwork. I always appreciate people that develop workpress plugins.

    • Hi benwaynet — I think a lot of people have that question, so I thank you very much for asking it. In four words, the answer is “more and better features.” The idea for SEO Ultimate is to bring the features of many SEO plugins into one suite, improve on those features in the process, and add brand-new features that no-one has made yet.

      Right now, SEO Ultimate has 7 main features that All in One SEO Pack doesn’t have (404 monitoring, linkbox insertion, settings import/export, a settings reset function, inline changelogs, WordPress Help system integration, and an uninstaller). I’ll be adding approximately one new feature per week, so that number will grow as time goes on.

      Also, thanks for taking the time to thank plugin authors 🙂

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  4. The auto installer from your blog is a great addition! Great work and really cool idea to include that auto installer!

  5. Wolfgang

    John, I am using HeadSpace2 ( as SEO-plugin as it is much better than All in One SEO Pack and others. What would you say why I should change that to your SEO Ultimate plugin?

  6. If this thing is ready to go, I’d really like to give it a shot. Does it do anything with follow/nofollow links?

  7. @seosapien: Thanks! I’m glad you like the autoinstaller.

    @Wolfgang: SEO Ultimate and HeadSpace2 aren’t direct “competitors,” so I don’t think you could replace either one with the other. SEO Ultimate focuses on SEO, whereas HeadSpace2 focuses on everything related to metadata (some of which is SEO-related).

    Since SEO Ultimate is an SEO plugin, it doesn’t include the non-SEO features of HeadSpace2 (like the ability to disable WordPress’s visual editor, or set PHP memory limits). You shouldn’t disable HeadSpace2 if you use these non-SEO features.

    At the same time, SEO Ultimate has SEO features that HeadSpace2 doesn’t (and vice versa), and SEO Ultimate’s featureset will continue to grow via regular updates.

    Therefore, I’d recommend running both plugins side-by-side. There shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you disable the overlapping functionality in either of the plugins (both SEO Ultimate and HeadSpace2 include module managers).

    @Scott Thomason: Yes, SEO Ultimate is stable; it’s been out for 2 months with thousands of downloads, and there has only been one bug report so far (which was quickly resolved).

    SEO Ultimate doesn’t have nofollow functionality yet, but that’s on the ideas list.

  8. Wolfgang

    @John: Thanks for your reply. Is this you?

    I found an issue:
    The Linkbox Inserter does not accept the more tag. The linkbox can be seen in Archives, Tag pages, at Search pages etc. below every article.

  9. @Wolfgang: The URL you mentioned is the plugin’s homepage — I do the text (which is basically copied from the plugin’s readme file), and someone else does the images.

    Thanks for reporting the Linkbox Inserter issue. You’re right, the linkbox shouldn’t appear if there’s a “more” tag. I’ll make the change in version 0.9.

  10. zac hines

    john, i get this error when hitting uninstall “Fatal error: Call to a member function uninstall() on a non-object in /homepages/10/d264779539/htdocs/drgreen-thumb/g50/wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/functions.php on line 159”

  11. Hello John:

    First…your plug-in is amazing!

    I have a question. I downloaded your SEO Ultimate plug-in. However before I did I had to upgrade my current WP blog from 2.6 to 2.9.2.

    I had been operating on 2.6 WP Revolution theme with the All in One SEO since September of 2008.

    Right before the WP update and the installation of SEO Ultimate I had 153 posts published in my blog…..I‘m the content guy and write and publish all of the content. The technical side of the blog was handled by a fellow who had to be laid off last year due to the slow economy. So now I’m the tech guy. My forte is not the tech side, however I’m been reading as much as possible to learn how that end works and what I need to know …but I need some help.

    So here is my question.

    What is different about or with those 153 posts I have already written and posted? With your SEO Ultimate did all of these 153 posts get updated the same as if I had posted and published after I installed the Ultimate? Or do I have to go back and perform a routine to get them updated to take advantage of your Ultimate plugin?

    Somewhere I read that I had to export the 153 posts and import the data into the Ultimate plugin…[I don’t even know if that is the right question..or if this question makes any since to you at all. I guess a better question would be…is there anything [data-content] I need to import? I Googled “how to import/export data into WordPress All in One SEO” and was directed to your post “Tips for using Ultimate SEO Plugin” and still could not find anything about import-export orI missed it. When would a person have to import data into WP and how do you do it?

    Now that I have your SEO Ultimate plugin what do I need to do to those 153 post to get them in step with your plug-in.

    Also on the Title Re-writer do I have to do each one of those 153 posts one by one? or is there a way to more than one at a time?

    Send me as much information or “how to’s” as possible to learn what to do or if your selling your time I’m a buyer.

    I don’t expect anything for FREE…so if there is a charge to help me or consultation I have no problem with that ..just tell me how much and where do I pay?

    Russ Mullin
    Fayetteville Arkansas

    • Hi Russ,

      No need to re-import your existing content. SEO Ultimate works on old content as well as new content. Also, the Title Rewriter uses a feature called “default formats” to apply the same <title> tag layout to all existing posts (so no need to do them all one-by-one unless you really want to). You can adjust the format on the Title Rewriter page if desired.

  12. Hello

    I test SEO Ultimate on some WP.
    95% positive
    Only one worry : I paste the Google verification code (for WebmasterTool)and in the code of the page some ” become @&quot (or something like that).
    So Google don’t validate the site in WMT.
    What can I do ? Do I wait some unbug ?
    Maybe it’s a WP pb ?
    I did not guess.

    Thank you for your help.


  13. One more thing

    I use to write a model of Meta description in which only 1 keyword changes (but 2 same kw in metadescription).
    It’s a process to write all pages in one.
    AIOS permits it by a general field I do not find in SEO Ultimate.

    In SEO Ultimate, do I must write each metadescr in each post ??

  14. Hello John,

    Firstly many thanks for SEO Ultimate, it really is user friendly and a pleasure to use.

    You mention in older articles adding certain plugins to assist on a site, are some of these now included in the SEO Ultimate?

    How about a new updated list of plugins to use with WP3+ complimentary to SEO Ultimate.

    Another nagging question is should one update the theme with WP updates?

  15. Hi, Im currently using All in one SEO plugin that is working well for my sites. I think I will also try this one as it has more functions. Is there a problem if both plugins are activated or can it do good for the site?

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